Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It Was Only -7 This Morning!!!!!

 This ice box is getting so stale!

 Tried to put most of the hay in the sun.

Chorus at 10.  Next month we are going to perform with the High School and Middle School Chorus' so we have to concentrate on the 4 songs we will be singing.  This is one of them.  We seem to be doing a lot better lately.

Home for lunch then back down for an appointment with the massage therapist at 2. 
 Yep.  Hot stones.

 When I got back to the farm, started on some corn chowder.  I'm having bridge here and will be serving soup and crusty rolls instead of the typical veggies, dip, cheese, crackers, too many desserts, candy and all the rest of that stuff.  Fagetaboutit!  Too many things that are easy to eat and loaded with calories.  And I am anti diet drinks or fake food.  No Cool Whip for me!!!!
 The temperature got up into the low 20s and the sun could not have been more brilliant.

Went out to do chores at 5:30...the moon was out, but it was still nice and light.

 Hopefully it won't be quite as cold tonight.

Of course we sampled the soup for dinner and I just had to take a blurry picture.  Got this recipe down!
 Night all.


  1. that's nasty cold. I don't want to brag but we were at 10 this morning. In for a foot or more of snow tomorrow. Can't wait.

    I could do a nice hot stone massage. Sounds like heaven.

  2. I do hope you manage to escape this next round of snow Lori -- lovely images!

  3. A massage with hot stones? Nice! And dinner sounds great too.


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