Tuesday, February 18, 2014


In the low 20s this morning, and not too bad when I went out to do chores.  We did have a lot of branches (small this time) down from the high gusts of wind last night.
  As soon as Karen and I put the hay out in the front paddock, it started snowing like crazy.

 Could not see a thing out in the back 40.

Class at 10:30....forgot to take more pictures.
 Tina was working on her colored pencil drawing of Tabby.  Dropped some water colors into the background...makes that cat pop forward doesn't it?
 It was pretty windy all day, but at least it stopped snowing.

 I'm still in my vegging mood and have not been very productive.  A few months ago we got Netflix Streaming and last week we got hooked on an old TV series that we had never heard of.  It's called "Life" and is about a policeman who spends 12 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.  It starts when he is released and is given millions of dollars as a settlement.  Rejoins the police department as a homicide detective and there are enough episodes to keep us busy for weeks.  Keeps us entertained on these cold nights.

Chores at 5:30...still blowing out there.

 It was still quite light a few minutes after 6.  Maybe we will see spring someday.

 Below is a picture of Swedish sausage that Gary and Randy made (from scratch) for Christmas.  We always make extra and freeze it.  It is called Korv, and I wish I could send some out to Inger!

 Also had peas, mashed potatoes and a carrot/apple/craisin salad.  (The dressing is fresh lemon juice and a little mayo).  Yum.
Hopefully I will increase my activity level when the temperature goes up.
Night all.


  1. Snowed here until about one today. I'm hoping Spring is just around the corner.

    The watercolor does make a Tabby pop. Dinner looks great.

    Don't blame you for not having energy. It's so depressing day after day to deal with this weather.

  2. Your pictures of the horses in the storm are frame worthy - love them. I'm going to look up the Netflix series Life. It sounds good and Doug and I love to get into a series and watch it almost addictively in the evenings this time of year.
    I don't think anyone has any energy in this weather! :)

  3. "Life" sounds like a show I'd like.
    I love Netflix - it is nice to have so many options.

  4. That sausage looks so yummy, and still snow!!!Loved the photo the other day of snow, and was that skis and poles I saw by the fence? Spring will come sometime, we are right in a heat-wave today, about 32 Celsius!!! Cheers, Jean.

  5. Oh Spring where art thee:) Love the watercolour backround it does make it pop. Have a great day Lori I have been vegging also. Hug B

  6. We're just about to get hooked on Netflix. Just signed up and ready to roll 'em!

  7. Dear Lori, both you and I are waiting for the temps to go up and that's happening here, but with quite a wind each day so the wind chill is always there. I'm hoping that today--for the first time in six weeks--I can do my walk as I'm missing the feel of those endorphins!

    Your snowy picture reminded me of watching the Olympics last evening. It was really snowing in Sochi for several of the outdoor events. Peace.

  8. Amazing how the color really changes the look of the drawing. You had quite a snow flurry for a bit which I would rather have over the wind any day. Spring seems so far away still....


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