Monday, February 3, 2014

Getting Back To Normal...

I could have worn ice skates to the barn today.
We ended up with a high of 26 degrees.

 Sidney found his spot on a chair in the dining room.  He is almost a certified house cat.

 Another hibiscus blossom appeared this morning....
I swear that this plant is loving the new lightness in the living room.
 Gary finished scraping the last of the windows today and now all the valances are back up.  That's it for curtains... love lots of light.
 He went to Jen's to meet Coop and Finn when they got home from school and
I am happy to announce that I got my lazy butt down to Agape.  MUST get back in a groove.
 On the way home the sun was brilliant.
 After stopping at Wegmans and Country Max, I got back to the farm in time to take a short break.

 I'm getting used to the new look when the sun shines in the west windows.
 It sure will be nice to sit down for a change.

 Now that it doesn't get dark so early, chores started a little later.
 When I got near the paddock with my sled, Angel reacted to the sound on the crunchy snow and started running around on high alert...even went into the indoor.  They all eventually followed...very rare.

The sunset was not as blurry as this picture, but it was beautious.
 Breakfast for dinner.
 A no brainer and easy to prepare.

Now, I am going to take a hot shower and crash.
Night all.


  1. Busy day as usual. I got myself on the treadmill today too. Snowed about 6-7 inches here today from morning til night. No going out anywhere for us.

    Love your new look in the rooms, it looks so bright and cheery. Only have valances up here too.

  2. The changes inside have got to be warming and welcoming. The sled sounds like the perfect winter chore mate.


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