Sunday, February 2, 2014

Enough Already!!!!

It got cold enough last night to turn our driveway into a skating rink...that rain yesterday sure left us with a treacherous mess.
By the time I got out to the barn, Karen had already thrown down some of our old hay to create better footing for the horses.  With what was already there, the texture really helped.

We had chores done in no time....so different with milder temperatures.

At 11 we left for Roger and Tina's as we were invited to go with them to Eastview Mall for lunch.  Before we ate, we stopped at the Mac store to see if Roger could have some repair work done on a laptop.  The place was buzzing!  There must have been 20 technicians working the Genius Bar and all were lined up with appointments for who knows how long.

I had been to Biaggi's before with Jenny, but it was Gary's first visit.

 Roger wanted to have us try their pizza, so he ordered one for an appetizer and we split it!  Absolutely delish.  Nice thin crust....crispy.
 After that we had lunch....

 Loved the restaurant, the food, the service and the atmosphere.
Thank you Roger and Tina...for another great meal.

Home before 3 and I made myself start on the potato pancakes I said I would take to Jenny's tonight...one of Scott's favorites.

  We have been so busy!!!!! with events and anything that involved food.  Friday night out to dinner, Saturday night fund raiser, today out to lunch, tonight to Jenny's for grazing and the first half of the Super Bowl.  Enough......

I fell asleep from 4-5 and dragged myself out to do chores.  Forgot my camera...must have been in a daze.

Thank heavens Jenny had a salad...
 also, homemade clam chowder and crusty bread ( none for me).

 You know who brought Jenny a beautiful bouquet of roses.
 Also had sweet and sour turkey meatballs and a Mexican chili dip.
 Scott likes his potato pancakes with a mix of sour cream and cottage cheese (never heard of that combo).  I also brought homemade applesauce.  Yum.
 I managed not to eat much and am looking forward to salads for a couple of days.  Holy Moly.
Night all.


  1. Cottage cheese and sour cream?! Ew! Haha. To each his own. I like mine with a mix of sour cream and a lot of red wine vinegar. I have a Russian friend who always serves them with that sauce (and her uncles homemade vodka) and they are so good. Yours look gorgeous! Lori you are "retired" and I swear you're busier than I am.

  2. I love potato pancakes with sour cream. Never heard of cottage cheese with them though. Applesauce is also good. I'm going to have to make them soon. Except I'm really trying to stick to a diet...

  3. For ice times like these we have piles and huge 30 gallon containers of sand that we can spread across the driveway to help.

    It is awful.
    Febraury is our snow/ice season.
    March and April is MUD.

  4. Now, where did I see on another blog, that the ice had made a skating rink on the track between the trees? Just a thought. one quick way to the letter box. Meals out, meals eaten at home, all super. Hope it warms up , just to tease a little, we had over 29 Celsius today!!! TaDa..A very good day to stay in the shade. Cheers to all, Jean.

  5. Your food pics and the restaurant pics look very similar Lori you make such good meals:) I would eat at your home restaurant. Oh more snow on the way you poor thing and I have enough to snowshoe so it can stop now too. I do like the warmth it brings. Hug B

  6. How delicious! And I love your header shot!

  7. The food looks absolutely fantastic! It's lunchtime here and I'm hungry! Thanks for the new food ideas :-)

  8. Tim would be all in with the sour cream and cottage cheese mix :-D.


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