Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Crispy Critters...Morning, Noon and Night

6 degrees this morning with enough wind to make it way below 0.
However....the sun was brilliant all day.

 Chorus at 10.  This is my friend Liz (a music teacher at the high school who directs the chorus and several other groups).  She was working on a project that involved taking pictures of all of us and posed for my Journal.  I'll bet she didn't think I was going to show this to you!
 Maggie and Angel have figured out that the indoor is much more comfortable than it is outside on these frigid days...Abbe will join them, but Berlin is more cautious.
 By late afternoon the sun was blasting into the library and living room...one of my favorite times to be on that side of the house.

 I tucked the girls in early as they had spent enough time in the wind.  With the windchill factored in, I'm sure it was at least 10 below 0 all day.

 Such sweet girls!

 Lomain, baked chicken with caramelized onions and carrots...
 and a Saint Tim salad with apples, pears and craisins.
Night all.

Thank you for all the comments regarding the 60 Clinton Street project.  You all get it!  I don't know what the problem is with our Town Board.  One of my favorite quotes out of this issue is "who would want to throw stones at Santa Claus?"  As you have probably figured, Gary and I are very interested in our community.  It is so frustrating to think that a Town Board would not be interested in making improvements to a historical building.  I'm still holding out for a positive ending to this story.


  1. The pictures are wonderful. Just way too cold to be outside.

  2. The lighting in your pictures is just gorgeous. The cold sure isn't letting up though is it?

  3. Lovely shots. By this time I think I've gotten used to the below zero temps, but I don't think the wind chills are ever going to be something to get used to.

    I don't mind the cold, but it is hard on the machinery and everything else. Sure does make one tired after snow shoeing!

    Stay warm!

  4. Lori, the newly painted rooms look SO nice! Feels good to see them again. Beautiful.

  5. I love your house. All the furniture, rugs, art. It just seems so inviting. I see myself in thick wool socks snuggle in with a good book. You must love it!


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