Sunday, January 19, 2014

High Wind Warning....

 Very chilly this morning, but not windy yet.
 Sidney has been spending a lot of time in the house, but tends to go out to the barn with me for morning chores.

 Made sure the heater was working in the water trough and filled a couple of buckets next to the barn...also topped off with hot water.
 At 10:30 we left for Apple Creek Farm, where we were invited to have brunch.

In the winter, flowers add so much to a room.
 I noticed a beautiful carving by our friend Al Cretney.  It has a good home here.
 So what did we eat?
Bagels and cream cheese....
 an orange/olive/toasted almond salad....
 mango juice....

 and I forgot to take a picture of the baked apples that went with the nut bread.
 Quite a feast!

When we left, the temperature dropped and the wind had really kicked up.
By 2:30 I put the horses in the barn....snowin and blowin big time.

 Went out at 5 to give the girls their grain/beet pulp/apple dinner and added some hay to what they had left from this afternoon.  Brought hot water to top off their buckets. They did not seem remotely interested in leaving their stalls.  The wind gusts were getting ginormous... up to 50 mph.
 My trusty little sled saves me a lot of trouble.
Let Phoebe and Gucci run around for a few minutes when I got back to the house.  Too cold for them to join me in the barn.

 Leftover chicken and rice soup for dinner....
 along with a Saint Tim Salad.  Organic mixed greens with apple, craisins, onion and almonds.
Do you know why they are called Saint Tim Salads????  Saint Tim (the other half of thecrazysheeplady down there in Kentucky) gags at the thought of putting fruit in a green salad.
When they come up next month, NO FRUIT and Ranch Dressing!

Night all.

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  1. I think the salad looks delicious. What dressing do you use?

    Miserable weather day for you. Hope it's better tomorrow.

  2. I think St. Tim is even pickier than Brett with salad -- didn't think that was possible.

  3. You're so right about flowers in the middle of winter, and a good meal like the one you enjoyed warms you on any day! Hope you enjoyed a cozy evening!

  4. Wow! We have more snow on the ground here than you have there! Oh Saint Tim has no idea what he's missing! Haha I also put fruit in all my salads.

  5. The winds were so bad the past two days that our gravel roads became impassable.

  6. If you had posted your header shot after the wind, we could think it was a wond accident! Mr. Dreamy doesn't do fruit in salads either - he doesn't know what he is missing!

  7. Cozy food balances the blowy cold snow!


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