Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Northhampton Driving Society Carriage Show...

Over the past three days, we have had nearly 5 inches of rain.  I was amazed that the competition was still on.
 Lorrie and I did chores and it took longer than usual as the stalls were a mess.  The outrageous storm we had last night kept the horses in for many extra hours.

I got over there in time to see the first class at 9.

 Of course three of my pals were there.

I left at the lunch break.

Evening chores. Mowed the small pastures.
 How about all that water????

Night all.


  1. Send some of that water over here. We're bone dry.

  2. Well I never! Cool :-)


  3. Oh what fun pictures! Great attire as well. Would be a great backdrop for a picnic! If only the ground weren't mushy from 5 inches of rain :)

  4. Love seeing those refined looking ladies in the hats.

  5. I would love that show! Next year, Moon! And Sandman!

  6. Lovely to see such wonderful turnouts and such a variety of sizes too. Driving Shows is one sport that can bring everyone together in one show ring, large and small. I see they tend to drive two-handed as opposed to coachman style.


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