Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The L o n g and Short of It....

 The temperature was nice and cool this morning so I decided to line drive Berlin and Abbe.

 They were both very good.   Once again, Berlin followed me every step of the way while I was working with Abbe.  Abbe just stands there when I drive Berlin.
 I'm so lucky to have such sweet girls.

 In the meantime, Lorrie and Moon were doing their thing.  Such a peaceful activity.
 Naturally, they were happy to get back out to the pasture.

 After that, I went over to Tina's to watch her lesson and take pictures.
 Sandman was pretty up when he started.
 But, the ever patient Elizabeth got him to relax before Tina
 hooked him to the cart.

 They went back to the barn just as a ginormous Bobcat (that had just finished filling a big hole that was dug to replace a hydrant) was leaving the yard.
 Sandman waited patiently until he left.
 While Tina took off the harness, I visited her gardens.

 DJ joined me.

 All done....
 At 2 I had an appointment with the message therapist.  Hot stones.  Yes!

On the way home I drove by the Village Hall.
 Yey!!!!!!!  We have a new Mayor....our friend Margay Blackman won the race last night.  Talk about a breath of fresh air.  She and the newly elected board members are going to do so many positive things for Brockport.  We so deserve the integrity they bring to the people they serve.

 Last stop was Wegmans.
 Before going out to do chores, I started working on some zucchini....actually thought I was following a recipe.

 Fed the girls.....

 and finished making (a vegetarian) dinner.  

 one of Saint Tim's favorite salads - spinach, onion, grapes, apple and peanuts
 and the baked zucchini (breadcrumbs and grated cheese)
 It all tasted good to me, but I don't think I would do the zucchini that way again.

I checked on two fields near here and the hay was down.  Now it needs to stay dry for the next few days.  Last year things were so bad in this area I am paranoid.

Night all.


  1. Lovely horses, so well behaved, totally stunning flowers, and the zucchini, I steam them whole, till nearly tender, slice in half, grated cheese on top of the inside, place on tray and bake. Yummy!!Hope the days stay hot and fine for hay-making, I so remember it as a child and teenager, rain would be a total disaster. Greetings to all, Jean.

  2. Your dinner looks great. You sure are busy with your girls now that you have that new knee!

  3. Hay is cut and saved here. There was also a little bit of hay-making going on in Ireland two weeks ago - June hay is very unusual there!
    One year was so bad, there wasn't a dry stretch long enough for saving hay until September. Disaster!
    Hope it stays dry for you.

  4. Everything looks good and happy in your world! I'm intrigued by driving and would like to start Siete down that path. Hope it stays dry here too for a few days so they can get that hay cut. We just got things in our barn dried out and back to normal. St. Tim's salad looks delicious!

  5. Oh Lori I just LOVE coming here. Hug B

  6. I've made zucchini like that too and loved it! I let it sit for an hour or two in olive oil w salt, it pulls a lot of the moisture out and the zucchini isn't so mushy. Those orange roses are gorgeous!!!

  7. What good girls, Lori.
    Yep, Sandman looked feisty in the video! He's so pretty.
    The flowers are beautiful.


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