Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Part Three

Part one - Sunday Stills - Sky Shots
Part two - Northampton Driving Society Carriage Show

Part three - Tonight

Late this afternoon we received an invitation to go out to dinner with Louise and Jack.
Picked them up at 6 and drove into Rochester.

They took us to Aladdin's on Monroe Ave.

 We had never been there....

 I'd go back in a heartbeat!  Fresh and delicious.

Thank you friends!  Such a nice treat.

 On the way home the sky was beautiful...in the city

 and in the country.

Now it's Night All....I really mean it.


  1. Those sky shots are something. Ah... Monroe Ave. Lots of memories there. hahahaha

  2. I miss those rich, rich sunsets. Not sure why we don't get them here. . .


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