Saturday, June 15, 2013


 While Abbe and Berlin chowed, Moon had a driving lesson.


 The outdoor arena is still a disaster area...too bad more of our rain did not go to Colorado.

 Jen delivered a propane tank for Gary's new grill late morning.

Lunch...tomato/spinach/swiss cheese wrap.

 Made a rhubarb pie for Jen's birthday (tomorrow) dinner which we celebrated early along with Father's Day.

 Did evening chores at 5 and had just enough time to grab a quick shower before Jen and the boys arrived.

 Yep, it was debut time for Gary's Father's Day present.

 Did we ever have a feast.
 Jenny made the salad...organic greens, orange, banana, strawberries (from our garden) and crumbly blue with a balsamic dressing.

Gary grilled the organic chicken kebobs.
 along with some fresh pineapple.
 (Happy Birthday Jen)
 We also had homemade lomain.
 A gigantic yum.

 Went outside before dessert.  Coop and I picked some spinach for Jen.
 The adults had rhubarb pie...the kids had brownies with the works.
 Ready to roll into bed!
Night all.


  1. Happy Father's Day even though you had to cook Gary. Nice grill.

  2. Happy Birthday Jen, enjoy your day, Gary, super BBQ, meal done to perfection.And Lori, lovley pics of Moon, she is so graceful, and all else in your day, I can almost feel I am right there too. Greetings to all, Jean.

  3. Happy Birthday Jen! (and pass me a piece of pie)

  4. Golly! You do live well, your side of the water!

  5. What a nice day! And Moon looks great :-).


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