Thursday, June 27, 2013

Play It Again Sam...

Last night I was dead to the world...got in bed at 10 (whipped), passed out within 2 minutes and did not move until 6am.  Very rare for me.
 Nothing unusual about chores this morning....

except for that fact that I am ready to clean house, and start unloading some of the stuff that's been around since I had 6 of my own horses.

Like this childrens all purpose saddle....
 and the bits from two double bridles.... (not two mention blankets, bridles, blah, blah, blah).

 and then there's the utility trailer.  Without a truck and hitch I'm not goin' anywhere.  Already got a couple calls on it...who knows.   

The closets in the house are next....I could dump at least 60% of my clothing that I keep saving...for what?

 Had a 10:30 Doctor's appointment in Rochester.
 On the way home I saw this fawn cross the road and it just watched me as I stopped to take a picture.
 Chores at 5.

 At last, Sally and Judy were available for dinner...and it was an instant replay.

 Judy brought a very healthy salad...ummmm fresh strawberries....


 Sally brought a very decadent chocolate cream pie.

Another feast....  So good to have our "regulars" back at the farm.
Night all.  (Leftovers for the next two dinners)


  1. Looking at that chocolate cream pie, there's a lot to be said for decadence!

  2. That was a nice and full day there lori. I have been beat lately as well, just the usual stuff is wearing me thin. It is rather humid, I'm blaming it on that!

    When I saw your Naturism...I thought, salad! I need to plant some of those for they are the best, radish taste, next to radishes themselves!

    Good for you cleaning out...me too around here.
    Carry on!

  3. You make me realise I need to be clearing things out here!

  4. Mmmm.... I want to eat at your house!

  5. I know cleaning out is a good thing! I put 45 unused bits in a bin ... told hubby he should sell them and not hold onto what he doesn't use.

    I am selling my unused stuff, for me, it isn't so hard to sell. It is a bit like selling memories right?

  6. All the food you share is so amazing. What a great bunch of cooks you all are!


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