Sunday, June 23, 2013

Don't Sweat It....Ha!

Last night the moon was out in full force when I went out to put the horses in.
Tonight it is supposed to be a biggaone and I don't see it.

This morning it was not too bad temperature wise, but the horses preferred to stay in the barn or under the shed roof.

After chores Lorrie and I went to Murray to check on some hay.  On the way back we stopped at the Farm Market.  Her debut.

When I got home there was a message from Jan C.  that they were bringing over 40 bales of hay.  Last month we supplied her when she was running out and bartered instead of charging her.  Worked out great. 

Gary got home from Jen's in time to give us a hand.

Brought out some icy cold lemonade/mango to drink.

This afternoon I did very little outside (just a little mowing in the front paddock and around the outdoor arena...it will be rototilled tomorrow).  Same old, same old....read and napped with a fan on me.  90 degrees and muggy.

Evening chores a little early as we were invited to a party.

For several years Margay and Ulpi have had a Summer Solstice party.  This was an extra special celebration as Margay was just elected Mayor of Brockport.

We got there late as Gary worked until 5 at Sara's, so I missed good shots of the food before it was obliterated.  Grabbed a couple of the desserts.  We are deep into strawberry season around here.

When we left and walked to our car, I could not help but notice the gardens in front of Pam Ks rental property and her home.  The master of Master Gardners.  You can see her handy work allover this village.

That's it.
Night all.


  1. Green lawn, beautiful flowers, strawberry pud!! Yummy to the extreme. A great party, and your new mayoress must be one wonderful lady. Cheers, Jean.

  2. Lori ...that picture of the moon alone in the sky is amazing ...wow! You always have a lovely journal of photos here.

  3. lovely, lovely day...and our moon is stuck behind some clouds... go figure.

    and happy belated Solstice Day! Fruit is in season big time over there!

  4. Oh you have hay we are still waiting I am so happy for you. Beautiful moon I was running around outside last night trying to capture it myself.
    Love the hat shots.
    It is going to be very steamy out there today so stay safe and cool. Hug B

  5. Dear Lori, your photography is as fine as your art--always the telling detail. I'm wondering why the two white horses (one with spots) are wearing the hoods around their faces. Is this to keep off bugs??? If so, why doesn't the third horse--the burgundy/brown one--wear any hood??? Peace.

  6. Such a full day - and the food made me drool. Might have to make some strawberry shortcake this week . . . xx

  7. Congrats on your friend becoming Mayor. I hope she enjoys the position. The gardens are so beautiful and the food amazing as always.


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