Friday, June 28, 2013

A Very Rainy Day....

 It rained last night.  It rained this morning.  It rained off and on all day.

After chores I took a shower and drove down to the village hall for a meeting regarding a mural that is going to be installed in Brockport.  We have been reviewing the drawings by a very talented local artist...Stacy Kirby.

 From there I quickly stopped at the Welcome Center to take a few pictures of the "Urger."  She is docked there for a couple of days and you are able to take a tour.

 This is sponsored by the New York State Canal Corporation and our newly elected Mayor went down to check things out.

A couple of years ago a roundabout was built in Brockport.  Many people were really down on it as it was something new and different.  I love it!  And this year the flowers are blooming.
Anyway, I have to drive around it to get to Agape.  Only made it once this week.  Boooooooooo.

On the way home I was a couple cars behind this truck.  I could swear I saw "20" on it.  Do you know who I'm talkin' about?  He lives at Punkin's Patch in Kentucky with thecrazysheeplady (who brought him up to Skoog Farm for a visit....twice).

Put the girls in for the night early as they were wet and dirty from rolling.  (And it started to rain again).

 We had leftovers for dinner....very good the second time around.
Night all.  I can't wait to get back to my current book.


  1. Are you having more rain there than usual? It seems awfully wet. Hope you have a barn full of hay saved already.
    What did the Urger do when she was in service? I'm guessing she helped push boats down the canal?
    Love the sketch. I bet that mural will be gorgeous.

  2. Morning Lori I LOVE the Urger it is so cute, I am not sure that is the word for a boat but it fits for me. Have a nice weekend. I hope the sun shines but the humidity stays away. Hug B

  3. There You Go...Stealing Our Rain! We've Got 80'S -90's Now.
    Glad You Got I Agape Session In.

  4. Dear Lori, thanks for letting us spend the day with you as you went about your many and varied activities. Like you, I so enjoy reading, especially well-written mysteries. Right now I'm reading Donna Leon's "The Golden Egg." Her novels take place in Venice and are just a joy to read. Peace.

  5. Sounds like a great day.... I want to know what book has you so engrossed!!

  6. 20 wishes he was on a truck heading across the country! He's bored.

  7. Whatcha reading?
    Of course I know 20! Doesn't everybody?

  8. We have a couple roundabouts here in North Pole. I'm not a real fan as they are small and not truly a "roundabout" like you would be on in Europe which are many lanes and big. My friend has some by her house in Anchorage and they do seem to be more effective there.


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