Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mr. Sandman is One Beautiful Boy

 A nice mild morning, full of bright sunshine.

 After chores I went to Agape and did 20 minutes straight on the elliptical...longest time so far without taking a break.
 Finished up the rest of my routine and headed over to Christina's world.

 Elizabeth (who works with Lorrie and Moon) was going to give Tina and Sandman a lesson.
Today it was ground work...getting them to connect.

 Dream tuned in the whole time.

 It worked out beautifully.

Home for the rest of the day.  Boards were delivered so Gary can make two more raised beds...as if there's not enough to do around here.
 When he got home, he spent the rest of the day cutting apart the willow tree branches that crashed to the ground yesterday.

 Now that our spinach is ready, we will be having lots of big salads for dinner.
 Tonight....spinach, onions, frozen peas, tomatoes, bacon and hard boiled eggs.  Total yum.

Evening chores and off duty.
Night all.

Chorus concert tomorrow evening.


  1. Always love seeing the horses.

  2. Good luck tomorrow night. The flowers are beautiful.

  3. You're so lucky to have spinach already! The salad looks amazing.
    Loved all the pictures, but the horse pictures deserve honorable mention :). So pretty.

  4. So happy it worked out:)
    Have a nice weekend. Hug B

  5. That horse is gorgeous Lori! What wonderful coloration (or whatever you horse folks call it.)

    Have a super weekend!

  6. He is one gorgeous boy. Glad the work went well. What kind of dressing did you use on the salad it looks yummy.

  7. Dear Lori, your postings are always a sensual delight--they engage my eyes of course, but I can almost hear the sounds coming from the barn and the pastures where the horses spend their day. I can smell the food you prepare and taste it. And I can touch those flowers with delight fingers and know beauty. Thank you. Peace.

  8. Spinach, Oou...We Have A New Garden Must Plant That!!
    Awesome Day!


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