Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Frosty Morn

The frost disappeared as soon as the sun arrived....
I'm so glad I brought the plants in from the porch last night.
Rise and shine puppies.....
 Once again I had to dress for the temperature....we ended up at 59 by mid afternoon.

 If the door to the tack room is open, that means Lorrie is in there shredding bedding.....

Class at 10.

 Next week we will meet at Connie's and have lunch after class.

Tonight we had (what else) leftover red lentil soup and a salad with spinach, onion, apple and peanuts.

Chores around 7.  The sky was full of cotton balls.

 Tucked those babies in for the night.  When it heats up they will start staying out 24/7.
Stephanie posted a photo from Las Vegas where it was 105 today.  Too hot for me, but they were in a pool cooling off.

It would be nice to get some real sleep.
Night all.


  1. That first photo of the puppy is just too precious. My dog does that too - she just lies there, off the couch, like a five year old kid. I love it!

  2. Lovely visit here Lori...looks like it is warmer now. The art classes always inspire me. I love how you share your day with such ease and fun.

  3. Cold there, hot in Vegas, just right here. For once.

  4. How cute are the puppies?! I'll bet the soup was even better the next night.

  5. it doesn't look the pups are having any trouble sleeping! That first shot is Priscilla's favorite sleeping position.

  6. A cottonball sky. Noy an everyday ocurrance.
    BTW attended SJFC.

  7. It was about 80 here today, but low humidity, so very nice. Glad that your plants didn't get nipped!

  8. I really like the drawing of the sunflowers. Nice work.

  9. What are you doing to dispose of the paper shavings?


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