Wednesday, March 7, 2012


When all was said and done, we hit 68 degrees today.
 Another great sunrise.
 It was almost 50 degrees when I finished doing chores, so the girls could finally be naked today.
(Abbe is still two toned....look at that stained neck).

 Fed hay in the front paddock today.
 Sidney curled up in one of the piles.

 I can't wait for more of this.
 Back to the house by 9....
 Chorus today.  We went over some of the music from last semester so I got to play my drum.  
Felt good.

When I got home, decided to start on something different for dinner.  
(Sara and Tim, this is an easy one).
 In a pot, I placed an entire cauliflower (broken up), 1 large onion, 4 carrots and a piece of celery. 
 The water did not quite cover it. 
 I added 4 teaspoons of chicken boullion and simmered until all was tender.  
Drained it and saved the stock.
In the meantime, I hard boiled a couple of eggs.  Trust me, the flavors blend beautifully.
Chopped them up and put everything in an ovenproof dish. 
 Next, I made a white sauce (butter, flour, salt and reserved stock).
As it was pretty thick, I thinned it with some milk.
Grated some extra sharp cheddar cheese and added it to the sauce.  When it was nice and smooth,
poured it over the veggies.  Added fresh ground pepper.  Before dinner I baked it covered at 350 degrees for half an hour or so.

It was so beautiful this afternoon I went out and picked 3 pastures.
 By then, all the horses had rolled and I let them go in the soaked outdoor arena.
 I even picked the indoor...Sid joined me.

 The ponies heard me whistling for the dogs and all ran over to the big pasture to join me.

Took an afternoon siesta before going out to do evening chores.
I had left the barn open so it would be warmer when the horses went in.  
It worked...almost  55 degrees.

Tucked the girls in....

 and went back to the house at 6:45.
 Got a new orchid today.  Jill told me that Aldis was going to have them for $10 bucks ... a real deal.

 Everything was ready when I got in...and it was delicious.
Night all.


  1. sweet. G'night

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  2. 68 degrees! Not fair!
    Love Abbe's 2 tone neck while Belle is looking shiny.

  3. I like that veggie bake. I wonder if Brett would notice the cauliflower under the sauce and cheese (probably). You were in CA today with that weather --except that we were freezing. I'm happy to report that we are back to our regular chatty selves.

  4. What incredible temperatures. I could use a thorough warming like that one! We got so much new snow it is hard to imagine Spring.

  5. Ack - too many ingredients. White sauce?!? ;-)

  6. I think this might be the first time I have seen the horses naked. Bet they felt frisky. Dinner looks great.


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