Monday, March 5, 2012


Today we had our first real day of winter temperatures...all day.
 It was not even in the teens when the sun came up.
 The dogs went out in the back yard for a minute, but it was too cold for the barn.

Jill and Chester helped with chores.  
I put the hay out in the side pasture so the ponies would have full sun.

 When we were finished, Jill and Chester came up to the house and we traded soups.
 I gave her Irish Vegetable and she gave me Beef/Barley.
 She joined me at Tai Chi today.
 Once again we started with Qi Gong (Shi ba Shi).  I'm learning...but it is going to take awhile.  This is not an instructional class.  You watch what is being done and try to catch on.
 Once again we did Form 24 at the end of the session.  It is a very moving experience and I can't wait until I am in the flow.
 Jane does a great job making us all feel comfortable.  
Some of these people have been doing this for years and serve as good examples.

Stopped at Weggies on the way home.  When I got here, the sun was spectacular 
as it came in the west windows.

 Went out to do chores a little before 6.  After the 11th it is going to be so much lighter at that hour.
 All three girls had rolled.
 Abbe has a huge pile of hay....why does she think Berlin's tastes better?

 Another simple dinner.  I made homemade lomain and picked up some sesame chicken at the store.
Cheated.  I know....weird, but I love bananas on the side of Chinese food.

By the way!!!!!  I love all the comments on my drawing post.  Sara got a lot on hers too.  Can't wait to see all your sheep.

Night all.


  1. It has been freezing today here as well. Good luck with the Tai Chi class.

  2. We are having a few spring 'teaser' days... but nasty weather comes in tomorrow night - yeeucckkk!
    I hope your weather warms up a bit. At least you had beautiful sunlight! A rare thing for that area!!

  3. Do I hear spring birds in the clip of this winter day?!

  4. you are a rare bird! Asian & Banana?
    Bet you were Malaysian in a previous life!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

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  5. I can just SEE the cold in the first two photos. Your dogs are very photogenic. I always love seeing them.

  6. Isn't it funny how horses prefer everybody else's food to their own. I think the saying about grass being greener on the other side of the fence had to originate with horses. And, no, I never expected to get a horse of Winston's ability and personality when I set out on my search. I hit the jackpot for sure!

  7. We've been pretty cold yesterday and today too. Love Chester, how cute is he? And your little cuties too. Great pictures as usual.

    The Tai Chi looks like a good way to get in tune with yourself and great exercise as an added bonus.

  8. We are melting, melting! It's in the mid 50's and the snow melting off the roof sounds like rain.

    Dinner looks good.

  9. Ummm, it was almost 60 degrees in Minnesota today... The Qi Gong looks interesting. At the beekeeping class I took the instructor said we may want to take up Tai Chi so we learn to move slowly and smoothly. It looks like what you're doing is similar.

    p.s. I just turned word verification off because everyone (including me) is having such a hard time with it. Sounds like I may have to turn it back on but I'm not as popular as you so maybe not.


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