Sunday, March 4, 2012


 In keeping with our ever changing weather, woke up to snow this morning.  At least the wind died down.
 Gary helped me with chores.  It was grey and borderline freezing.

 Jen came up for lunch so she could try the Irish veggie soup....then Jack and Louise arrived for tea around 2.  Annette, Louise loves that cook book you sent me and is ready to use a few of the recipes.  She is a great baker.

Watched a movie....stayed by the fire....never left the property today.

Of course it was still snowing when I went out for evening chores.

 Made an easy dinner as Gary had to go down to the college tonight.
 A salad and some pasta.
These are carrot/tomato bow ties.  I sauteed a small onion and threw in some frozen peas...tossed and topped with Romano Cheese.  Something that you can get together in 15 minutes.

Why do anything more at this time of day?  (The Good Wife is on at 9 and it's a new one).
Night all....


  1. Let me know if Louise makes something from the cookbook and how it turns out.
    Looks like the snow was wet -- like we had. Abbe's blanket looks a little wet. Yech, wet snow.

  2. I love the good wife. Just finished watching it. That blonde lawyer is up to something....


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