Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Day after day we have had exceptionally beautiful mornings.  The above average temperatures have many of us worried.  What's next?  Why is this happening?


Should I rake the leaves out of the garden?  Will there be another frost?

Not as much fog as yesterday...nor were the oranges in the sky.

Zipped through chores.
 See Abbe?  She slept on top of her manure last night.  So unladylike.

When I got down to the chorus rehearsal Greg was tickling the ivories while everyone was arriving.
I could listen to him all day.  Today Mary Ellen (our director) said something very interesting.  "Who can complain about this could be a once in a lifetime experience."  She is right, we need to savor every moment and hope for a reasonable summer.
We have several performances coming tomorrow. 
 Today, the drumming was the best it has been and I look forward to more.  Unfortunately the surgery on my knee is going prevent me from participating in our final concert.
 There are so many flowers in's March man......
 Picked up lunch in the village....
 and headed back to the farm.
 We are in the yellow mode there too.
 Had a very relaxing afternoon and did not go out to do evening chores until 7:15.
 The ponies are getting used to the routine...going in later.

We are still on a roll with our sunsets.
Night all.


  1. Mom is wanting to visit your town and sorry she never went to upstate too much while living in NJ, beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  2. thanks!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  3. Mary Ellen is right.... it would pointless to waste enjoyable weather worrying about what's next. I sure wouldn't! Besides, we know it won't be the end of the world... Brockport had these temps in March in 1903 and life went on :) I was trying to research what kind of summer followed that, but haven't come up with it yet. Whatever it is, I hope it means my summer will be good...we've had two crappy ones in a row.

  4. I thought that our spring colors were way ahead of last year due to our warmer than usual temps... but then I went back and discovered that I posted a picture of our crocus blooming last year on March 20.... and I took a picture of the same crocus on March 20 this year! Maybe the warm temperatures just make us think things are happening earlier!

  5. I just found and joined your blog. How sweet all the animals are. Kind of looks like our place. I have always taken in animals. I hope you will join my blog to read about my farm girl life. Love all the horse pictures and those dogs are adorable.

  6. I just found your blog and joined. Such sweet animals you have. I have always taken in animals that need a home too. I hope you will join my blog to read about my farm girl life.

  7. I'm like you--I don't know whether to uncover my flowers, or leave them tucked in. But being a worrier, I wonder what the spring will be and what summer will be. I do have to admit to enjoying the day though, and I hope you've enjoyed your Thursday no matter what it has brought! :-)

  8. Lori, your photos are unbelievable! I agree that this climate change is certainly doing strange (to us) things here too! My tulips are up about one inch now. The past two days it has been close to 30C!! This is summer weather!
    So you are a drummer?

  9. Sunsets are knock them down beautiful here as well...did a post on strange! I did rake...just had to!


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