Friday, March 30, 2012


 Another crisp morning.
 In the 20s.
 Fed the girls in the side paddock so they could be in the sunshine.
 I washed a rain sheet for Belle last night, so she could take it with her.
 Chester and Jill were here to help with chores.
 They took Belle's tack and grooming supplies out to the car...

 ...and we waited for the new owners to arrive.
 A pretty sad morning, but Jill did very well.
 They walked out to get Belle and she was a perfect lady, 
considering she was being taken away from her girls.

She hopped right on the trailer...there was some calling back and forth.  It's hard for me to hear that when a horse is leaving.

 Berlin and Abbe knew something was going on and eventually went back to the pasture.
 Even the pups sensed something.  We sure will miss Chester's visits.
 These two are going to be sticking together for awhile.
 Had my Tai Chi class today.  We have now been taught the first five of six forms.  Even with my bum knee, I can do this.  Below is Jane H.....our teacher.
 I went right from there over to the college where there was a celebration for our friend George Rich, who passed away a short time ago.  10 members of our chorus led the Alma Mater.
 It was very cold by the time we got home.
 Put my two girls in a little early.
 Abbe is now in Belle's stall ....
 across from Berlin.
 A simple dinner.

Tonight I did something different.  At 9pm Gary drove me and my drum down to the college, where there was a Latino event going on.  Khalid and 9 other drummers (students and Saturday drummers)
went there to perform.

Fortunately, Gary lugged my drum to and from.  It's a very good one, but so heavy.  A fine experience.  Some of the stuff we played was new to me and I learned a lot. 
All of us are so honored to play with Khalid.

Zak, who I have known since he was about 7 (his Mom boarded a horse and pony here until they got their barn built) decided to take a little spin on a mechanical bull.  Now he is married, the father of two daughters with a baby on the way!  Also , a top drummer.  Not too many people stayed on for long.

Well, it's almost midnight and it has been snowing for hours.  My poor daffodils.
Night all.


  1. Something funny just happened to me. While I was reading your last post suddenly the screen flickered and boom there was a new post appeared just before m eyes. That is a first for me. The pics look warm and sunny until I see how you and the horses are dressed. Sounds like a good experience with the fine drummer.

  2. It has to be heartbreaking to see a horse go. :(

  3. Only two horses...what will you do? I bet it will seem very quiet.

    What a fun drumming experience. I hope to be that adventurous someday.

    Tonight my husband told me we are supposed to get two inches of snow tomorrow or the next day. That really bummed me out... I thought Spring was here.

  4. Sorry Belle has moved, I'll miss her, too. Loved Chester's visits...such a nice boy!

    Glad you enjoyed the drumming...but where's your picture in the new shirt?

    Big shock to see snow last night!

  5. A sad tale from you today. There will be another dawn though.

  6. I understand that you are sad with the departure of Belle.
    It is difficult to stay on the bull !

  7. I get those "nude celebrity" comments too! Love the gembe drums - I have custom painted quite a fe of those in zebra!

  8. Strange to hear you are having snow while it's been so warm here lately. Supposed to be in the 90s here tomorrow. Unbelievable!


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