Thursday, March 15, 2012


 A softer morning....
 Working on the back porch, which is kittyland.

 No sun afterall.

 By 8:15 it was trying to make an appearance.

 Cleaned up the girls.
 Went in the house and made some rice pudding.
 At 2 Sally and Judy came up and we practiced Tai Chi for our class tomorrow.
By 4 I was in Brockport getting my haircut.  Stopped at Judy's to see how Gar was coming along with his painting project and decided to stop at Main Street Pizza to pick up some slices for dinner.
 While I was waiting, headed over to the Red Bird and on the way, ran into Buck (who still works for the school district) and ironically has had both knees replaced.  Got lots of scoop.  By the time I got in the store...two more friends were there.  They live down the street and I've taken you there a long time ago, to pick raspberries.  Surprise, surprise!  They are going to the hospital together....both getting their right knees replaced.  Is this an epidemic or what?

Anyway, the Red Bird is a tea shoppe.  In the tea room, were two moms and 3 daughters having a tea party.  They all were properly dressed and even had on hats.  What a sight!  Took some photos but they did not want them posted.  So sweet!

That's the Red Bird, down on the corner.
 Anyway, I picked up the pizza and went back to the farm.  

Made a quick salad.
 And we ate.
 Gar went down to Jen's to watch Finn and Coop, and I went out to do evening chores.
 They were waiting for me....

 It was still so bright....

 I went out and picked the back pasture.
 Pretty soon that grass is going to start growing.

Night all.


  1. Sounds like a really nice day. Are they having a blue light special on knees in the Brockport area? :)

  2. Kitty land!
    We're just living in it- LOL.

    Hey! you can't be REAL. all this AND Tai Chi???!!!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  3. Hi Lori, I seem to have Internet for a while and couldn't wait to visit your farm and lovely town again. Meeting with friends in the shops and restaurants, is SO what I do back home in SA. And so what I miss living here almost alone without [many] women around. I LOVE your kittyland and always enjoy seeing your horses. Just going to scroll back to your post now to check your rice pudding. The photo/text takes a while to download on my slow signal. Grr. Thanks for always visiting my blog. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs Jo

  4. 71* today? Oh my... my jealousy knows no bounds. I am patiently waiting for summer, but man...one day of warmth sounds so good to me right now.

  5. Ah ! The damned knees. Around me I hear many people to complain of them ! And me too sometime ;-)

  6. I'm loving this warm weather too. Kitty land is very cozy for your brood. Love your pictures and how the herd was waiting for you. Enjoy the unusual warm temps.

  7. You are the queen of sunrise and sunset pictures!

  8. What a nice day : ) I think knee replacements are the new rage. Love the shiny teapot!

  9. gorgeous pictures as usual...the weather has been nutty. 70 one minute and 40 the next...yikes
    Benny & Lily


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