Saturday, January 21, 2012


The music you are listening to, "I'd Rather Go Blind," is in memory of the great Etta James who passed away this week.   Do you remember when Rachel Crow sang it on X Factor?  I hope Etta heard her sing it.

And now for the scoop of the day..... I don't think my horse is ever going to look white again...at least until it is warm enough for a bath.

 On my own this morning....just lollygagged along until everything was done.

 In the winter, I wear long underwear, a t-neck and sweats or leggins out to the barn, along with my heavy coat, a hat and gloves....and muck boots.  Regardless of how cold it is, I end up dumping the coat because it feels so darn bulky.  This was one of those days.
 I took the picture above for Jean in New Zealand.  She wondered what I meant when I said I picked the paddock.  That red fork is what I use there and for cleaning the stalls.  Sometimes when the manure is frozen I have to use a garden rake to pull it up before I use the fork (so I don't break it).
 I was very pleased to see that Sidney was using the Kitty bed I put in the feed room for him.  He crawled out of it when I went in there to set up the grain.  It's one of those cubicle things that is just the right size to keep him nice and cozy.  At the moment he is sacked out next to me in the library.
 Now you can really see how stained Abbe is.

 After they ate breakfast, Sophie and Lily went out on the back porch.
 As soon as I got back in the house...they wanted in

Mid morning I went out to shovel the driveway...Gary had a lot of it done before he went to Java.
(Don't worry Sharon, it is just a couple of inches deep and very light...gives me a little aerobic activity...does not hurt my back ).

For awhile, the sky was spectacular.  It ended up turning grey while I was at drumming.

Had a great time....listen.

Home around 4:30...out to do chores at 5:15.  At first I could not find the ponies....they were behind the barn in the back pasture.  Tucked them in....
 and made a very simple supper.
 A salad with pears....corn....and sloppy joes!  Yum.
Can you tell that we are big salad eaters?
That's all folks...
Night all.


  1. Sometimes simple dinners are the best. Jackson looks horrible too. I can work on the manure stains with a warm cloth but the bulk of the dirt and brown color will be there until spring. Love this song "Remember When" - haven't heard it for awhile. Love your choices of music.
    If we ever get out to your side of the country, we will definitely be by for dinner. The invite is open on this side too.

  2. Ta,Lori, now I see what you write about, it is so much easier to picture in reality. Red rake, can't get lost in the snow!! And I like the wood handles on your barrow too, steel way too cold even with mitts or gloves..Muck boots, yes we have them here in NZ too, and they are the only ones for the South Island hill country farms.I will email you a website from the South Island for Possum fur hats like Davy Crockett ones!!They do wear them there in the far south. Cheers from Jean.

  3. The food looks great as usual. I usually end up taking off my coat too, so I wear a vest underneath it all. Loved Etta James, she was one of the greats. As for dirty horses, you should see our barnful, they'll never be clean again I fear. Very talented group of drummers.

  4. Oh Abbe! Don't worry, Abbe. The other girls are just as dirty, but you can't see it.

  5. Hi, CrazySheepLady told me about your blog, and I have certainly been enjoying it. We used to live in Ithaca, so it is a bit like homecoming. I love the choice of your music today - Etta was a legend, and I can also hear Sheryl's voice in that fantastic song.

    My blog, mostly about my little Arab but also about our quiet life in KY, is completely out of date, but I hope to get it up and running again.

    Looking forward to more virtual menus and seeing a part of world I love and miss.


  6. Yesterday I didn't dump my coat, I dumped my wheelbarrow - arghh! Luckily it was outside the paddock so all of my hard work didn't go totally to waste!
    I loved the drumming videos. Yup... it sounds like fun, but I don't know if I could keep the rhythm going.
    Abbe does look a little.... less than clean! Have you seen Cowboy Magic Krud Buster? I had to use it on manure spots on a grey and it did a passable job of cleaning her up. Not sure how it would work on a larger area, though! That's when a nice wash stall with warm water would be welcome!

  7. I really like the song! I am sure I would love drumming also.

  8. Dear Lori,
    You know, as a vegetarian, I eat a lot of salads, but I'm somewhat unimaginative with food and so I'd thought of putting lettuce, cabbage, and pears together. That's going to change now!

    Thank you for sharing your day with us and also the drum beats--one so deliberate, one seeming so spontaneous.

    Your days are full with labor among the beloved horses and art in many forms: paintings, music, and food.


  9. We have a white horse as well, except right now he looks brown because of his love for rolling in the mud... We truly enjoy your blog!! Stay warm!

  10. To those of us who don't live with horses and working barns, you tell entertaining daily stories.

  11. i love that stonework on your barn...i always feel so lazy when i am sitting here reading all the hard work you do around there! dinner looks yum, i'm a salad kind of girl too!

  12. Hello Lori. Please - what the Hanover are 'sloppy Joes'- edible I presume ??
    Regards, Mike and Ann.

  13. I think that Abbe is just going through a stage...trying something new. Ha ha ha. She just wants to be a redhead. You are so lucky to have snow. Just rain here. I am so tired of rain...at least you can get out in the snow.

  14. I'm glad your back is good w/the shoveling . . .and your salads always look so enticing!


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