Tuesday, January 3, 2012


How do people handle frigid temperatures for long periods of time?  As I am writing this, my computer says the temperature in Brockport is around 3!
 This morning was pretty crispy too.
 Jill came over to help with chores.   It is so nice to have company.  By the way, she adopted a Golden Retriever from Lollypop Farm...He is 10 years old and had been living at a dump for two months.  Now he (Chester) is going to be loved and well cared for...I can't wait to meet him.
On days like this I'm sure Belle, Berlin and Abbe appreciate being fed their hay under the shed roof.
 In the past there have been too many to fit there peacefully.
 I put about 4 gallons of hot water in the trough after I plugged in the heater.  Then, covered 2/3 of it with a piece of plywood.  It really helped warm things up pretty quickly so the ponies would want to drink it.  This is such an important time for them to have their beet pulp too.

 Class today.  Tina got down to business while Judy and Donna figured out what they were going to start on next.

 Phoebe was most happy to be inside and on the couch.
 Sorted out the roses that were given to us on Christmas Eve and cut off the stems to see if I can get them to last a little longer.

 Of course, the pups had to get their treats before the crew left class.
 Fortunately we were spared again.  Only got a little snow.
 We fluctuated between flurries and sun...and the sun won out by late afternoon.

 I started going through our Christmas cards before putting them away, and hands down!  This is one of my all time favorites... painted by Brenda Cretney.  I've shown you her work before.
She really knows what she's doin'.
 Seymour was lovin' his view from the kitchen....just above the heater.

Out to do chores around 5.  Those extra minutes of light are creeping up on us and I could not be happier.
Set up the grain and called the ponies.

 Seeing that we were more than ready to get back to eating normal meals, I decided to get out some homemade sauce from the freezer and invited Sally and Judy over for dinner.  Judy couldn't make it, so Bill came over.  He is one of Gary's Java/yoga/walking pals.
 The usual big salad....
 A new kind of pasta (to us).  Spinach and zucchini wheels topped with sauce and cheese.
 Grilled the bread and we were good to go.
 I don't want to see anything that has sugar in it for a long time.....

Stay warm!
Night all.


  1. Brrr!
    We have our little routines for staying as warm as possible when we're around 0, so the body does ok, but my mind slips into fear mode sometimes. We feed more, etc, but extreme cold or big temp swings make me nervous for the horses.

  2. we are going to -10 tonight...
    Love the card and supper looks yummy as usual.

  3. My world travels on blogs have amazed me, and I so enjoy the winter scenes, although I convert to Celsius for us in NZ.Loved the horses coming in at the end of the day, they all look so happy.What is the coldest temp you have had?
    Cheers from Jean, at a friend's computer.

  4. You made me feel so cozy - as if it WAS that cold & snowy outside!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  5. It's so nice to be back to regular eating, isn't it? The sunshine on the snow looks beautiful.

  6. It looks so idyllic with the animals and the food and roses and the snow and cold outside! what is beet pulp? do you feed it to all your horses? They are beautiful!

  7. Brrrrr! That's cold.
    I adopted my first puppy from Lollipop Farm! I can't wait to see pictures of Chester. Golden Retrievers are one of my favorites!
    I also love that Christmas Card. I would so love to be able to do that!

  8. OOh, lots of great photos/light here. Love those barn roof/sun shots. And yes, it's cold here, too, but it's so beautiful and crisp and fresh. Won't be happy to see rain again next week.

  9. How do we handle the cold for a long time? It has been -20 or much colder for two (maybe 3 weeks now). Today, it was -30*. It think it's just a mode you get in to. You stay in a lot more, you grumble (a lot), you brag about the fact you live in it, you get tired of it, you start not to care, then it is over. Spring will start to surface and you survived another one. Unfortunately, there are many who become depressed with -30* and 4 hours of daylight...and they don't fare well. It is a tough life. At 44 I am done and ready to move on. When I was 20 it was no big deal. Word of advice: visit Alaska in July!! :)


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