Tuesday, January 10, 2012


 Sidney was waiting for me when I went out to the barn.
 He followed me....everywhere.

 Jill helped with chores again.  I'm liking this company in the morning.
 Still mild...but greyish.
 At 10 I had an appointment to get my hair cut.  On the way home, the sky looked pretty interesting.

 Decided to hold class in the dining room today.  That's were I always held it before the Studio was done.  It felt good to be back in that space.
 Tina has really made progress with her drawing.  Today we were talking about how long it can take to complete a project.
 Jean got a gigantic tin of Prismacolor pencils...has to be the biggest set you can get! Her parrot is going to be gorgeous.
 Donna transferred her drawing of the tomatoes.....
 but I was too far away to get a crisp picture.  I'll do better next time so you can see how great the composition is....

 Before she left, Tina gave Phoebe and Gucci their second round of treats.  They could not wait!
 Out for evening chores at 5.
 From now on I think I'll refer to the girls as the three little piggies....
 The only good thing about snow, is that they don't look like this EVERY day.
 Finished tucking them in, set up the beet pulp for the morning, wiped out the feed buckets, swept the floor and went back to the house.
 Just the kind of dinner I was hungry for.  A big salad with pears, apples and dried cranberries....
 The rest of the French Onion soup Barb brought over.  And one of Chet's rolls.  Perfect.
Night all.


  1. Dinner looks yummy! I can't wait to get home and see what's in this week's CSA basket that Brett picked up this afternoon. I think I'll make a salad like yours. Dirty or clean, Abbe is just beautiful. I love her spotted muzzle. ...and that sky! Gorgeous!! I have sky envy...

  2. You have some very talented friends. And all the critters look so happy. The salad and soup look delicious, it's what I should have had for dinner, got to get back on my diet!

  3. Yum food. Re: artwork taking a long time - this is something so many do not understand about painting or drawing or writing - that it takes time and patience to produce something polished.

  4. I always love your supper selections. I am also loving the music player tonight.

  5. Sydney looks great! And I laughed at loud at your decision to call the ponies the three little piggies-heehee! That is perfect for the mud season!

    I wish I lived closer-what I would give to take a watercolor class with you!!

    Squishes to the whole gang,

  6. Sidney is looking very handsome and well fed.
    That parrot already looks brilliant. Love it.

  7. I want to crawl through my computer to join your art class!

  8. Dear Lori,
    Is there another posting on your blog about the art class? If so, please let me know so I can read it. The work done by the three women you featured was so appealing visually. Are you teaching the class? If so, I'm feeling absolutely awed by your gifts.


  9. Sidney is one marvelous kitty! Winter is starting here at 3AM. You?

  10. Sydney mom apparently does not understand you are asking where your coat is since even the horsies have one
    Benny & Lily

  11. I'm enjoying watching the picture of Hickory come to life :-). Dinner as always looks awesome. Wish I was there for both.


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