Tuesday, January 17, 2012


 It rained most of the night and kept right on this morning.
 Mud....yuck.  Jill helped with chores and we finished them in a hurry.
 She dropped off a lentil loaf for us to try.  Gar and I each had a sandwich for meatloaf and delish!
 Class today.  A new student...Mary W.
 Started off with contour line drawing and discussed "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards.  This is how we started all beginning art students when I taught at the high school and it really works.  Mary did a great job with this.
 Tina started working on Hickory.
 Judy started a new project...stay tuned to see what this wabbit is going to look like.
 Donna continued to work on her tomatoes.  Her last class for a few weeks as she will be heading south and will be missed.

 Jean's parrot is vibrant!

 By late afternoon most of the snow had disappeared.
 The ponies were looking for me.
 They were a sight to behold.  First they spent some time in the rain....then they all went into the indoor and rolled in the sand.  Three nutty buddies.
 Can't wait 'til they dry off so I can spend half a day cleaning them up.
 Lucky me.

 Tonight Jill invited us to be her guests at a restaurant in Rochester called...
 What's especially great about this is a farm to table operation and everything is local.
 It had a real nice feel to it.
 Kind of industrial...nice lighting.
 Jill and I ordered the same thing.  A salad with pickled beets, Lively Run Chevre, pistachios, arugula and orange champagne vinaigrette.
 and Pierogis over Lento sauerkraut with carrots, scallions and creme fraiche.
 Gary had a salad and two appetizers....Mushroom Soup, porcini corstini, chevre and chives....and Maryland Blue Crabcakes.
 It was too dark for me to get pictures of Ralph's meal, but he had a salad of Asian Pears, bleu cheese, Asian greens and candied hazelnuts with red wine vinaigrette.  His main course was Grilled Duck breast, black quinoa, smoked bacon, turnips, dried fruit, Bolton Chard and Chanterelle mushroom jus.
On the way home the wind was WILD and things (like garbage cans) were being blown all over the place.
Here by 9 and there are wind advisories up until noon tomorrow.
Over and out.
Night all.


  1. Everything at the restaurant looked good. I love farm to table places. Your dinner looked good Lori but I would have been all over that duck! I hope the wind dies down soon!

  2. Wow....lots of big fancy words for the food you ate. Must be a fine dining establishment. Glad you had a good time and you weren't run off the road by flying garbage cans. Stay safe! (I couldn't imagine how messy the horses would be if you didn't put coats on them!!).

  3. Fabulous sounding dinners, interesting!

    Glad you arrived home with no problems. That wind was roaring and other things were going bump in the night.

  4. The restaurant looks so warm and cozy. I wouldn't have wanted to leave to face the windy drive home!

  5. Whew - sounds like wild weather up there and I'm not sorry to be missing it! I love that contour line drawing by your new student. . .

  6. It looked like ya'll had a fabulous time at the restaurant...all looks sooo yummy!!!

    I enjoyed seein' all the beautiful artwork...just wonderful.

    You have yourself a blessed and beautiful day sweetie!!! :o)

  7. Dear Lori,
    I so like viewing the art-in-progress. I hope you keep showing us views as the artists complete their works.


  8. Love those brown Rambos!
    It's windy here, but nothing like what Sue at Dream Valley is getting. 95mph up there.

  9. I always like your posts. Now I'm off to go find my book Drawing on the Right side of the Brain.


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