Monday, January 23, 2012


 What a weird day.  Nice, subtle sunrise....

 On my own for chores this morning.
 Went into Gary's barn to plug in the water trough for an hour or so...just to get the chill off.
 Had to put the hay under the shed roof, as rain was on the way.
 No more sun, and it looked like this through my windshield when I left for Weggies.
 Rain...ugly and no snow by late afternoon.  It was supposed to go up to 50, but did not make it.
 I was a bum all afternoon, and when I did evening chores....thought I had misplaced my camera and did not get any photographs.  Looked everywhere for it!  Duh!  It was in my hoodie pocket instead of my coat pocket.  Missed the boat, but glad it was not out in the muddy paddock.

Actually made a real dinner tonight.  Bought some organic chicken and BBQued it on the Foreman Grill.  A side of lomain with peas and a carrot/apple/raisin salad.  Yummy.

This afternoon I was messing around with some shots I had taken at drumming this past Saturday.  This one was Artistic....watercolor.

After I played around with Photoshop Elements,  showed them to my friend Stan (photographer/drummer) and he wanted to know how I did it.  Photoshop Elements....Adjustments....Posterize.  He caught on real fast and sent this back.  He just returned from two weeks in Aruba.
Now he's hooked on the look.
Night all.


  1. Mmm, sounds like our day. Aruba looks *much* nicer! LOVE all your gorgeous pics. Just wish my connection could let me see 'em in under a week! ;-) We are on a s l o w aircard out here in the boonies. I too made organic chicken, but in a white chili recipe. Hmm, maybe I'll sneak some leftovers to warm up before bed... Stay snug!

  2. We had an ugly rainy day with similar temps here too. Chores were a real chore this morning.

  3. We had fog and rain, that melted the snow yesterday. Right now it's sunny and 40 already. Love the photoshop pictures. I've got to play around with that when I have some time.

  4. Love the sunrise images, Lori! I actually wish we had snow here. Then I could justify this horrible cold weather. ;)

    By the way, cool Photoshop images, too!

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  5. Thanks for reminding me about carrot, apple & raisin salads - I used to make them - but they'd been forgotten for some time . . . I like that last Photoshopped pic.

  6. Dear Lori,
    Like Sharon, I've forgotten about carrot, apple, and raisin salads. You are teaching me so much!

    I so liked your Photoshopped picture of the drummer. I'm so technologically challenged and uninformed that I didn't even know this was possible.



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