Sunday, January 8, 2012


 A dusting of snow and in the high 20s this morning.  The water trough was not frozen.
 On went the blankets.  That's because these three girls are spoiled.
 This is one of Sidney's hideouts in Gary's barn.  He does not want to be in the basement at night, but loves to be in the house during the day.
 My yucca plant is confused by this strange weather.

Barb (Mustafa's Mom) and Ron gave us a gift certificate to the Village Inn and today Gary, Jen and I used it for a fabulous afternoon dinner.  A perfect day to drive out...no snow....bright.

 Home by 2.
 Six weeks of bonus days...hard to believe.
 At 2:30 4 friends came over for drumming.  We worked on three different rhythms and made some pretty good progress.  I had purchased an instructional video through Khalid at my Saturday Drumming session and it really helps with practicing when we are on our own. 
Alice, Chet, Joan, Janice and moi.  We were cookin'.
Janice brought us a dozen fresh eggs from her happy chickens.
 and Chet baked us some good old fashioned rolls...the kind your grandma used to make.

When everyone left and the house was quiet, the kitties came in for a snooze.


 Out for chores before dark so I could pick the pastures.
 Barb was waiting at the door when I went out....with homemade onion soup. 
Perfect for dinner.  It was delish!  She fed us all day!!!!  Thank you!
Night all.


  1. This no snow thing is very strange. Yesterday, it felt like Spring here. I'm not complaining! My favorite farmer tells me that we're going to have a "clear" winter. Let's hope he's right. I love the drumming video!

  2. It has felt like spring here as well. What a strange winter.

  3. Same here feels like spring. I spent the afternoon at my favorite place Carriage hill farm taking pictures of the baby sheep. So cute I posted the pics on my blog.

  4. No snow. Yah, yay, yay, rub it in. We had another snowstorm last night, and more is coming Wednesday. The hay should be great this year.

  5. Its been a strange winter all over I think. Sunny warm days here. I have a fire going tonight - mostly because we are both feeling under the weather. It's not really cold enough for one.

  6. you take SO many good shots in a day!

    loved them all, esp.....ALL!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  7. Such pretty kittys! Yes, the weather all over the world seem so weird this season, I wonder what may become of the summer?!

  8. I do believe you are becoming quite the cat lady!


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