Monday, January 30, 2012


Around 11:00 last night, the flakes were big and came down steadily for hours.
 We got about 5" of snow (no biggie) so I went out at 6:45 and started shoveling.

 Gary joined me and we had the whole driveway done before Jill and Chester arrived.
 By then, the sunrise was beautiful.

 We flew through chores.

 In the house by 8:40.  The fourth bird is about to hatch and I'm hoping Cloudia can help me out with a name.  After all, who knows more about Hawaii?
 The dogs had a grooming appointment at 10.  When I got home, the solar energy was working on the snow.

 Sidney was absorbing as much as possible ... then came in for the day.

 There's no doubt about it...the weather today was a real upper.

 Picked Phoebe and Gucci up at 2.

 Sherri did a great job!

 and they smell so good.
 By then, it was getting overcast and the late afternoon was grey....again.
 Out for evening chores at 5:15.
 If it really hits 50 tomorrow, the girls will love being naked.
 You know you are out of ideas for dinner when it turns into grilled cheese and tomato soup.
But just wait until tomorrow night.  Jill and I are going all out to make a spectacular dinner for Gary and Ralph.  We think we can do as well as some of the restaurants we have visited...and will show you what I'm talkin' about.  A pretty interesting menu.
Night all.


  1. Your snow is really beautiful. We had temps of almost 60 degrees today. I am not sure we are going to see any snow :(

  2. Dogs look great - and can't wait to see tomorrow's menu & pics! Glad you got some sun w/the snow, but I sure don't miss the shoveling . . .

  3. The snow looks so pretty. And its the ONLY justification I can find for cold weather! lol

    By the way, grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds good to me. ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  4. I can't wait to see the menu and food! The snow is just beautiful. It makes me wish for snow. I'm not quite ready for spring yet since it hasn't felt much like winter. I need to take Kersey to the groomers... she stinks and since the dogs sleep in our bedroom... well, its just not pleasant. Your comment that Gucci and Phoebe smell good makes me so envious! Sedona always smells okay. What is it about labs that is so stinky??

  5. Here also, in Saumur, near la Loire, we had some snow yesterday (5 cm)with big flakes. Today there is always the snow.It'is cold. Brrrrrr

  6. Except for the snow it feels like I'm living in a parallel universe with you. Gucci and Phoebe look adorable all groomed- my two dogs were groomed too, and they're smelling much better too. We also had grilled cheese and tomato soup tonight. Beautiful picture too.Have a great success with dinner tonight!

  7. I've been tossing around ideas of how I want to groom Sophie. Of course, short is much easier to keep clean... can't deside whether to have a long beard like your pups or short like a puppy. So many decisions! LOL

  8. I always enjoy your photos of your day, right down to the meal! I hope you've enjoyed some warmth--We got into the mid 60's here in Virginia today, which is just crazy...And of course there is not a snowflake in sight but I'm still putting all my chips on February for snow. :-)

  9. Wow - this song really took me back. Jerked me back actually. Lovely winter photos and grilled cheese and tomato soup is an all time favorite around here.


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