Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I read blogs from all over the place and am amazed at how many locations have experienced this crazy weather.  Today, it was pretty ugly here.  Darkish from the get go.
 For the first time, Jill brought Chester to the barn during chores.  What a sweet boy.  Phoebe and Gucci (who give some lip to new dogs on the property) were very accepting of his presence.  After the horses were let out, we closed the front doors to the barn and he was able to check out every corner.
If you don't know about Chester, he was adopted about a month ago from Lollipop Farm.  The Vet thinks he is about 11 years old.  It's very noble of Jill to take on a dog of this age.  He is full of spirit and they make a great team.
 Nothing unusual....
 When we finished the stalls, went over to pick the indoor.
 Abbe was curious about what we were doing.
 I turned on the lights (even the twinkies up on the ceiling) and we let Chester, Gucci, Phoebe and Sidney have the run of the joint.

 Gary got home just when they were leaving....he liked Chester a lot.
 Now really....does this look like the third week in January?
 Picked up around the house....built a nice fire in the kitchen...and then it was time for class.
 Tina is really making progress with her drawing....it was time to work on Hickory today.
 Mary is getting a feel for working with colored pencils.
 And look at Judy's wabbit!
 I was looking at another blog that had flowers posted and thought that was a good idea.
 It's time for an upper....
 Out to do chores around 5:15.  "Goodnight ladies."
 At the last minute (like about 4:30) I decided to make some cabbage soup for dinner.  When it was done, I threw in the leftover lomain from last night!  Perfect!  Tasted great.
 Phoebe and Lily have the right idea....After a nice hot shower I intend to join them.
Night all.


  1. Looks like a perfect day, except for the dreariness. We are having the same unseasonal warm weather here. Very strange indeed.

  2. Look at all that green grass! I want that wabbit picture : )

  3. your animal friends speak very well of you!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  4. You are so right - dreary sums it up. I saw sunlight this morning and raced to the barn, but as soon as I tacked up it was gone and Sovey and I had to ride under a thick icky, grey, dismal, blanket. Ugh.

    The story of Jill adopting aged Chester, though, is enough to poke sunlight into any dreary day. That makes my heart sing!

  5. we had that icky weather yesterday and the day before...beautiful flowers
    Benny & Lily

  6. Nothing noble. I needed a Golden; Chester needed a home. We are both grateful to have found each other!

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  8. Abbe's so cute with her stained neck and white face. Gotta love a dirty grey horse! That rabbit picture is very good -- I can see some personality in his eyes. Kudos to the student drawing him.

  9. Hi Lori, I remember a your post about Jill adopting Chester. What a wonderful lady she is. I loved wandering around your farm and home again today. Jo

  10. Goofy weather up there! Glad you're not in a blizzard. It's nice down here, too.

  11. Dear Lori,
    The students in your class do you credit. You must be a fine teacher.


  12. Love your blog! We're both from New York State. Rob is from Long Island and I'm from the Syracuse area. I miss it.

    We're in Missouri now and talk about strange weather! One day is high 60s and the next doesn't get out of the 20s. Besides that it's been super dry, doesn't bode well for the summer ahead.

    Thanks for visiting our blog.


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