Sunday, January 1, 2012


 Didn't need long underwear this morning!  It was nice and quiet.
Sidney joined me in the feed room.

A little before 8 Pat T. arrived with his trailer to take Romeo over to his new home.  Fed early so I was sure he would get some hay.
 Jodi loaded up the big wheelbarrow three times with all her stuff and Romeo settled in on the trailer.  The ride was not going to be more than 5 minutes.
 In the meantime, Gary and I cleaned stalls and set up for tonight.  Belle was going back to her stall and Berlin had her full apartment back.
 As soon as they went out to the pastures Romeo has been in, they all rolled.  It wasn't bad enough that Abbe slept in her manure.

I filled up the water trough and picked all the pastures.
 We have high wind warnings and the temperature is supposed to be about 9 tomorrow night.  Colic weather.

Today I actually caught Abbe moving pretty well.

 Sidney was sticking to me like glue the whole time I was outside.

Kept a low profile all day...that fire in the kitchen kept me in a nap mode.

When I did evening chores Abbe went in first, then Berlin and (because her gate was open) Belle went into her old stall without any guidance from me.  What a smart cookie.

 Am I the only person with filthy horses?  I cleaned them up and put on their blankets.  Will have to work on their faces in the morning.  It was a piece of cake with just 3.
 No cooking, no pictures of food....every man for himself tonight.  We are now ready to get back in our pre Christmas groove.

 Five birds are getting ready to hatch.
That is going to be one magnificent sight!
I feel like a person in cruise control.
Night all.


  1. I do think winter has been mild all over this year. It will be interesting to see if this warm weather holds out.

  2. Great pictures and videos. Your property in so nice. I'm impressed that you pick your pastures in the winter.
    I enjoy reading your blog and comments and am looking forward to more in 2012 :) Happy New Year!

  3. So beautiful!
    So fun to see/read an american horse blog! :) Look at my horseblog to. ;) /Jessica, all the way from Sweden! :))

  4. Good news...Abbe is moving well.

    That is some wind out there. Hope we don't lose power!

  5. Okay, I am going to have to google to find out why horses roll and why they get colic (I think I looked up the colic thing before, but I forgot.) Sleep well . . .

  6. So very glad that Abbe continues to improve. 9 is just too darn cold. And no, you aren't the only one with filthy horses. We have thawed out in spots. Paj rolled to the point that he looked like he was wearing a mud blanket.

  7. Deffinatly not the typical winter this year but I bet the animals are enjoying it..:-)

  8. Seems the States are having a very mild year. We, as promised, are not. We've had quite a bit of cold and we are still hanging at -25 (which is easy peasy compared to -40). What will you do with all your extra time with only three?


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