Wednesday, January 25, 2012


 Just another nondescript morning...grey, mildish.
 On my own for chores.
 Got down to chorus by 10 (we meet at the Senior Center).  They were selling cookies made by some of the Seniors.  Of course I had to buy some.  Our rehearsal was a bit frustrating to our director, but we improved as the session went on.  Afterward, one of the local restaurants provided a lunch that about 70 people enjoyed.  Two bucks!  The Senior Association picked up the rest of the tab.  They like to have special meals on Chorus Day so we will support them.

 Funny story about these two bottles.  They are glass and I bought them yesterday so we could take water in them to chorus.  I'm not a fan of plastic so they really fit the bill.  Duh!  Recognize what they are?  For vinegar and oil.  But guess what...you just pull out the stopper and they are better than any plastic bottle.
 So here's what we had for lunch....
 a salad, lasagna, green beans and a roll.  Forgot to take a picture of the cake we had for dessert.
 The price was right.  Unfortunately, my stomach was not too happy when I got home.  Have a feeling the salad had some of that stuff they put on the lettuce to keep it from browning.  I can always tell when they do that in a restaurant.  No cabbage soup for me tonight!!!!

Not very motivated this afternoon.  Went out to do chores at 5:15 and the girls were happy to see me.

This crazy winter has kept me in a funk.  Could it be the barometric pressure changes?
Night all.


  1. The oil and vinegar bottles look like great water bottles. I've been using thermos because I'm not a fan of plastic either.

  2. I really like those first pictures of the barn. is that the indoor arena through the doors? I like that you can see right through. I hope you get out of your funk soon -- you need a good dose of sunshine.

  3. Lori, Hugh and I have new Stainless steel water or juice bottles, will put a pic on my blog, They have a screw cap, a carabiner so you can clip the lid to bottle or belt and not lose it.Horses, chorus, lunch and cookies, a great day. Cheers from Jean

  4. Your crazy winter could defintely put you in a funk. For the most part, season's are something we plan for and expect. When they are so whacky it completely throws our inner balance off. The ups and downs of barametric pressure are awful. I feel the pain in my bones. Our extended cold winter has taken its toll on me. Our school kids have had recess outside twice in the since the beginning of December and they send them out until -20* below. It's be a wild winter, indeed.

  5. Oh, and I wanted to add what a clever idea with the vinegar bottles!!

  6. I used to have a hard time with the winter blahs. I blamed it on too little light. (SAD) Nothing was right with me or my life, especially in February.
    I haven't noticed it too much in the past few years. I don't know if it is because I'm retired, because we live in Colorado where there is more light, or because I do get outside more.
    Hope you can shake the blahs!

  7. Funny about the bottles - but you might've discovered a better use for them, eh? And 'Dreaming' may have a point about the light - maybe you need more - or white snow for the light to bounce off of . . . ? Hope you un-funk soon :)

  8. I would be a lot happier if it would snow this winter. More or less zero snow and I'm disappointed. But getting up and out, doing chores, walking dogs, and such always cheers me up. You do so much that I'm sure you must have very little time for the blahs. Take care.

  9. Dear Lori,
    I hope you're feeling more like your usual self today--ready for whatever life brings your way.



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