Saturday, January 7, 2012


 Another amazing sunrise.

 Not quite as dramatic by the time I went out to the barn.
 I soloed this morning.  Cruised through it.

 Last night I chiseled the mud off the girls and Abbe was still stained.  This is how she looked.
 Finished up by 9.
The three amigos were hangin' around together.

 We all went in and I had some organic yogurt with banana and granola.  Good combo.
 At 1 I went down to the college for drumming.  There were nine of us today in addition to Khalid.
We had a good session.
 Didn't get home until 4:30 and went out to do chores around 5.  Still in the 40s.
 Annette!  These next shots are for you and Jackson.  Another challenge.
 Is she lovely or what!
 This has happened every single day that she has not had a blanket on.
 I don't think I can possibly get her back to white.

 All done by 5:30...fortunately I picked the paddock before it got too dark.

Night all.


  1. Beautiful pics of the sunrise and I see that you have no snow. Such a warm winter for us all I think. In regards to my straw bale gardening project....I grew vine type plants in them. I had success with cucumbers, watermelons, pumpkins, and squash. Also some cantaloupes! I did use them for tomatoes as well, and let the plants just drape over the bales.

  2. Lori, I grew up on a small dairy farm but had not heard the term"pick the paddock" so to the ever handy Google.Now I know, and on our 100 acres, my Dad did the paddocks with chain harrows to spread the manure, from the cowshed it went onto a sled and was spread around later.Now they have huge farms, effluent ponds etc.White to grey, how do show ponies keep so clean? With yours, maybe it is just a part of mud insulation for the colder weather!! Cheers from Jean

  3. Ah, muddy horses... they just love it!
    I love your moon shot!

  4. Oddly, I envy you picking the paddock. Ours has frozen-in poo, impossible to pick. It's never looked so disgusting.

  5. Abbe has outdone herself! Very impressive muck and mud on that coat. You may have to wait until she sheds out to get her clean... :)

  6. I read that healthy ponies roll - so that mud is a good sign, right? :)

  7. Ugh Abbe! Nice drum shot. Glad you had a better afternoon than yesterday. Yeesh.

  8. I'm sitting here at the desk with the city street just a few feet away and the grocery store up the block and the cats asleep on their fleece strips.

    I'm far away from the country life you live and I find myself remembering the Flicka books. I think there were three. I devoured them all when I was a teen-ager. I think the first was "My Friend Flicka."

    We lived then out in the country with two retired horses and I felt then as I feel now that horses and giraffes are beautiful in and of themselves. With no ornamentation. Thank you for bringing these memories back.

    Your life is so busy. I can feel my energy wane as I read about all you do each day.


  9. I really love the color of your Sunday stills as well as the photos in this post! You work way too hard by the way--I'm glad you find time to play too! :-)

  10. Love the picture of Khalid!!! Oh Abbe!!! She is very proud of that look. We have tons of mud too. Driving me crazy. Of course Smudge has to get in it too.


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