Saturday, December 31, 2011


 I woke up very early this morning...the sunrise was hardly visable....
 until I went out to do chores.
 A quiet, mild day....blankets off.

 Way too much mud.

 Romeo's last full day here.  I will miss him and he will miss Skoog Farm, where he was spoiled rotten.
 Right after chores I took a shower and had an appointment with the massage therapist.  My body can't get it's act together these days.

Decided to try drumming today and lasted until 3:30.  It felt good after missing it for three weeks in a row.

 When I went out to do evening chores, every single horse had rolled and all looked like clay sculptures.
 Did what I could and tucked them in for the night.

Our good friends Randy and Arlene came over for a simple dinner.
No fancy stuff.  We have been on overload since Christmas.
Put out some nuts and dried fruit...
they brought a rye boat.
 Pulled some Christmas Eve meatballs out of the freezer for Randy.
 Made a huge salad...leaf lettuce, green onions, sun dried tomatoes, Greek olives, croutons and crumbly blue.  We couldn't eat it all.
Arlene brought a lasagna casserole stuffed with artichokes and portabella mushrooms.  Delish.
 And apple pie for dessert.  Instead of playing Sequence, we sat by the fire and watched the movie
"It's Complicated."  Laughing is good.

It has been such a pleasure to meet so many new people from around the world.
Night all.

PS - my deepest sympathies go out to Sue and Whit at Dream Valley Ranch and Kim and Carl at Golden Pines.  Both have been devastated by the loss of their beloved dogs.  These two families have gone above and beyond to rescue animals, love them, and have given them the lives they so richly deserved.  I am so lucky to have found them through this amazing community of bloggers.  How we connect boggles my mind.  There are so many caring people out there.


  1. Laughing is good! Glad you had a great time tonight. I still have 2 hours until "the hour". Kids are all gone; husband feel asleep and here I am!

    May 2012 be full of unexpected joy for you and Gary. Happy New Year!

  2. A happy new year to you and all yours.
    Much happiness.
    Phyto and Le Chevalendiablé

  3. Happy New Year, Lori, may it be spectacular!
    I was saddened, too, by the loss of RTT and Bubba... but they were loved and had good lives with our blogging friends.

  4. Hi Lori, wishing you and your family and all your critters a wonderful healthy happy New Year.

  5. Happy New Year! May this be the best year ever.

  6. Happy New Year! how about a Skoog Farm Cook book in 2012? Your meals always look so yummy!

  7. Happy New Year Lori., it sounds like a fine evening. All the best in 2012.

    PS: I feel for your friends and their loss....it always hurts when they go .

  8. I think you snuck an extra day in there that I didn't have.

  9. I hope that massage helped! Happy New Year to you and Gary and all the critters.


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