Wednesday, August 31, 2011


 Out to the barn this morning doing the same old same old.
Left for Brockport around 10:15 and stopped at Country Max for some shavings before attending a meeting at Mary Pat's house.  9 local artists are going to have a tent at the Peddler's Market, which is held each year at the Morgan Manning House (historical society).  This year it is going to take place on September 10th from 10-3.

 MP always serves nice refreshments.
 and her gardens are beautiful.

 We will have pottery, woven rag mats, fine silver jewelery, decorative painting, knitted purses and clay bead necklaces, wood carvings (Wild Fowl in Wood), watercolor paintings, and note cards by Jean (class) and me.

I was the designated sign maker and hate doing brush lettering.  Started it tonight and will jazz it up tomorrow.  It will need some serious help!
Attempted to take a nap this afternoon, but never fell asleep.  (Taking antibiotics so I'm eating yogurt and drinking cranberry know what that means).

 Still had to do chores.....

 The only kitty around was Lily, and Seymour of course.  Haven't seen Sidney since yesterday.
Didn't make dinner...whatever, whatever....
 Magnificent clouds tonight
 A whole lot of paintin' was going on today.  By tomorrow afternoon, there should just be trim work left.  And Gary said that it will take a long time....  Now I have to attack the garden in front of the house.

Lily was checking us out from the window in the grooming/tack room (home base for Jill' cats) when I went out to tuck in the ponies.  It sure is getting dark earlier.
Night all.  Let's hope it doesn't rain....hay tomorrow.


  1. Ouch. Hope you feel better soon. Those clouds are beauties.

  2. Oh, yuck. I do know what you mean. Hope you are feeling more comfortable soon!

  3. Its horrible when you don't feel well enough todo much or want to do much. Hope you feel better soon. The house looks sparkling new.

  4. Ugh, feel better soon!
    The house looks fantastic.

  5. Dear Lori, hope today you are better! Anti Biotics zap me too! You should really look into capsulated-pure-cranberry. It is 100% strength..and barely any bathroom trips -out of the ordinary! A local nutrition store will have them.

    Wow, that ATT tent and while event sounds fabulous..sure wish I could pop on up and see for myself!

    Hope Syd comes home!

  6. Feel beter! Quick!
    The tent show sounds great - love your artistic bunch.

  7. Sorry that you are feeling bum. Hope you feel better soon. The artist tent sounds like fun. Good luck to you all.


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