Thursday, August 11, 2011


 What a morning.  I actually needed a sweatshirt when I first went out to the barn.

 I was in a hurry, so I worked up a pretty good sweat trying to get finished before Jen dropped the boys off around 8:30.
 They each had a football and wanted to practice some passing and catching with Grampa.
 The picture below is for Gayle up in Alaska.  This is where I started pulling out and mowing over the daylilies.  We are on a barn tour next month and I want the stone wall to show.  By then everything will have started growing again and it will look fresh instead of tired.  I will attack the entire garden in the next few days.
 I have so much more energy when it's not so hot.

 Gary and the boys drove over to our friend Alvin's to pick up three big barrels of shavings.
 After we put them in the stalls, they thought it would be fun to tamp down the sand with their sneakers.

 While Grampa took the barrels back, Coop and Finn waited patiently....wanted to play more football.

 Do they look sad or what?
 A little before noon I drove into Brockport for lunch at Amy's.
 When I got there, she came out to greet me.
 Louise and Judy were there too.
 You would love Amy's house.  She has stayed so true to the Mission Style.

 I brought her a big basket of goodies from the garden.
 She set a beautiful table....
 We started off with a cold cucumber soup that was out of this world!  I'm making it soon!
 Even her silverware is cool.  She is such an artist in every way.
 And look what we had for lunch.
 All kinds of veggies, olives, tuna and a bowl of tomatoes.
 She made a dressing that we could drizzle over everything.
 The cheese was off the charts, and so was dessert.
 a blueberry "pudding."
 What a delicious meal...talk about presentation.
 As I left, I grabbed a couple of shots in the garden.
 Before going to the luncheon, I mentioned to Gary, that he and the boys should pick some tomatoes.
 When I got home, Cooper informed me that they had made the first batch of sauce for the season.  The house smelled so good....
 While it was cooking down, they played out in the remains of the clay/sand that was delivered yesterday.
 Then, Grampa took them over to Tina and Roger's for a swim.  No camera was there for pictures...you'll just have to remember how much fun we've had in the past.

I had dinner ready for them when they got home, as they had flag-football practice at 6 and their Dad was picking them up.  They ate like little piggies!  Must have been all that swimming.

When Paula got home from work and let Harley and Dancer out, I had to go over and see how they were doing.
 They were getting along with each other very well.  Over the hump.
 No doubt about it, they were snoozing in their shavings today.
 Harley was very interested in Sprout, one of Paula's dogs.

 They are going to be pals.

Jill did chores tonight so I had the energy to go down to the Welcome Center for the concert.
 The band was great!  Bootsy and Company.

 Phoebe and Gucci went with me.

 Randy and Judy rode their bikes down.
 How about the size of the Garlock's dog?  Saw it when they were walking on the other side of the Canal...and then got a closer view when they arrived at the Welcome Center.  What a giant.  And a very gentle one at that.
 DJ did not seem intimidated.
 Of course you see everyone you know there.
 Kate is the daughter of my friend Mary Pat.  We have known her since she was born and is ready to turn 21.  Amazing.

Also had a chance to catch up with Scott W.   Love running into people.
 Left around 8:30.  Got home in time to take the masks off the ponies and tuck them in.  Belle did not think that was a good idea (for some reason)....maybe it was the moon.
A full day.  Tomorrow....Walnut hill with Tina and Jill.  Hope my camera can take it!
Night all.


  1. That salad looks amazing - like a nicoise - my favorite! (with an artistic twist of course). And I love that shot with the beautiful cloud filled sky.

  2. such nice animals, kids, skies, friends and food.

    the GOOD life!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    BLOGGER is not updating my links again, so thanks for your visit.

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  3. Lunch looks delicious!
    What is it with boys and dirt? When kids come to the ranch, the girls are drawn to the horses, and the boys love the gravel pile.

  4. Beautiful vegetables. And a nice day
    See you soon

  5. Loved the sky shot between the buildings!

  6. Yikes - is it Walnut Hill time already?!? Looking forward to pics :-D.amo

  7. Ah... cold cucumber soup is on our menu this evening. I love it. True summer.

  8. What a glorious day!! Would love the recipe for the cucumber soup and your sauce! I have mountains of produce to process.


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