Tuesday, August 9, 2011


 Once again, Masterpiece was right there waiting for me.
 While I was cleaning the stalls, it started to rain and the ponies came in for shelter.
 Jill got here before I was finished.  The kitties and I were very happy to see her.
 We closed the doors on both ends of the run-in off the tack room and let Sophie, Newbie and Lily go wandering for the first time.
 They checked things out and even went under the doors to see what they have been missing.
 All three went in and out.  Let's see if they know where home is.

It continued to ran on and off, but wasn't too bad when Tina and Judy arrived for class.

 Around 11 it really started to pour....hard.  A little before noon it was still coming down in buckets and we were trapped in the Studio Barn.  Fortunately, Judy had her cell phone and we were able to call Gary to see if he would bring out a couple of umbrellas.
 To the rescue.....
 In the house for lunch....the usual....
 pickled beets (with a pickled egg) and a tomato sandwich.  Call me crazy!
 Around 2 I went out to see if Sophie, Lily and Newbie were back in the tack room.
 Sweet Lily was the only one I could find.

Started pulling out some day lilies and then went in to gab on the phone for awhile.  I actually spoke to Gail, one of my blogging buddies.  What fun!  All about horses.  I think I should do this more often.

Made a very simple dinner.
 Sauteed a big onion, boiled some sliced carrots, threw in the pasta and stirred in some frozen peas at the very end.  Drained and tossed with a little olive oil, butter and romano cheese.  Easy and delish.
 Jill was kind enough to do chores tonight...I really enjoyed the break.
 Before she left, she found Newbie upstairs in Gary's barn and Lily was in and out.  No Sophie.  I will check to see if she returned when I go out to tuck the ponies in.  I'm betting that she will be there.
So much for today....Have to go across the street to check out the set up for the two minis moving in tomorrow.  Many pictures to follow.
Night all.


  1. Rain seems to be our theme! Would much rather it were sunshine.

    How come you are pulling the day lily's? I've been wanting to get some from around the pond, but they are $10.95 each. I've found some websites with many varieties and may just order something.

  2. What??? 2 minis moving in? How the heck did I miss that???

  3. your horsies are beautiful. That lady sure draws good
    Benny & Lily

  4. mmm...i love beets! great pics of your day! :)

  5. Blogger is not posting my new posts to blogrolls again.....grrrr.

    This post reminded me of what's important though :)

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  6. Enjoy that rain! I've never pickled eggs - seen them, but never tried 'em. Some day... maybe.

  7. I can't wait for my tomatoes to ripen, I love tomato swandwiches particularly toasted.

  8. A quiet day.
    Here also it has been pouring. It's good for the plants.
    See you soon

  9. A quiet day.
    Here also it has been pouring. It's good for the plants.
    See you soon

  10. Oh boy! Minis! Hope Sophie showed up. Wasn't that rain wonderful? And, right now, as I look out of my window, it's raining again. I shot off an email to the young man who mows my lawn to plan on doing it this weekend. It will be the first time in well over a month it has needed an all over mowing.

  11. Glad Masterpiece is feeling some better. I told MA that you liked her card and she was very happy. Glad you got some rain! Wish we had some.

  12. Sounds like such a wonderful day and all the food looks so delicious!!


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