Monday, August 29, 2011


I have been working on this post for over 3 hours!  The card from my camera would not allow the pictures to go on Iphoto until I deleted three short videos!  I emptied the cache, the trash....dumped photos....finally it worked.  
This morning was gorgeous...barely 50 degrees.  I was very happy to get back in my groove.

 While I was down at Weggies, Kevin dropped the boys off for the day.  Got back just in time to make them lunch.
 Gary and Woody worked on the South side of the house...they are over half done (and still have to do the trim).
 Made a quick trip down to the bank....the crab apple tree out front was positively loaded!
 Quickly let Jen's dogs out and hurried back home to meet with two friends who were working on the barn tour....Scott and Christine.  All the buildings were checked out and Scott was using words I have never heard, as he carefully investigated the construction and described what he saw.  2 of our barns are over 100 years old....beautiful inside and out.
 During the barn tour, we are going to have people walk up the ramp to get to the 2nd floor.
 While we were up there, Coop and Finn had a ball playing in the hay.

 We have lived at the farm for almost 30 years and this rope was hanging there when we arrived.  The kids like to swing on it.
 Jill had chore duty and Newbie loves to spend time with her.

 Worked on dinner, half of which I gave Jen when she picked up the boys.  Also invited Jill to join us.
 crusty bread...
 Eggplant parm....
 and a side of white pasta.  Yep, it was yummy.
 Tucked the ponies in....
and went nuts trying to get this done.
Night all.


  1. 40 in the morning? Sounds wonderful! We're still hot but the humidity has dropped back to normal 15% so its much better. I keep thinking about your last post and Lake Chautauqua (butchered that, I know). When I was in college, I took a public speaking type class and we did a Chautauqua re-enactment. I memorized a speech of some rabble- rouser of the time -- it was a lot of fun. Same place?

  2. When I spend hours trying to do a post (or something with photos/internet) and I get all done, I wonder how I could let myself waste "X" amount of hours. Remember a day before the computer? While I really enjoy it...I think I was better off without it.

    You are having a tour of your barns? I think I must have missed that. Hope it all goes well.

  3. All looks well at your place, and I ready to come for dinner. YUM!! :)

  4. It always surprises me how much there is to catch up on after just a few days away. Love your pics, sorry it took so long to get camera and computer to cooperate!

  5. How fun for the boys having that rope to swing on. Fun photos.

  6. Sorry for your download problems. I'm having some of the same, except, in my case, blogger won't post my pictures.

    I think that a barn tour sounds like loads of fun. Hope you have a great turnout.

  7. Is it OK to laugh at your last going do so much in a day and wouldn't you know it that the last thing to do would be what causes a problem...always the way isn't it.
    Cheers from the east!

  8. Cooler here too this morning! In the Wegmans magazine they featured eggplant parm--Looked just like your picture!!

    I hope you're having an enjoyable day!!

    PS: I'm eyeing the next version of 'our' camera....

  9. What a day....The barn tour sounds like fun! A lot of work, but fun. Love that rope swing.

  10. When the machine does not work right, doing one right thing always takes much time.
    Glad you have succeeded in.
    See you soon

  11. After all your frustration, the journal was much enjoyed at this end. Busy day and great pictures!

    The barn tour sounds very interesting...need to check it out!

  12. That looks like my dream meal.
    Glad you got your photos posted.
    A barn tour would be grand. I love seeing other barns. You always learn something, or see some really good idea.

  13. Nice that the boys have the rope. Looks like fun.


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