Tuesday, August 16, 2011


 Of course I went out and fed the ponies...but I could have stayed in bed.

 Turned the horses out and finished cleaning stalls.
 Checked on the tack room to see if any cats were around...only Lily was in there on her soft white bed.  Too bad I didn't snap the picture before I woke her up...she looked so content.
Did a couple loads of wash and then went out to the Studio Barn for class.
The dogs could not wait for Tina and Judy to join us.
They always know when Tina is within 500 feet!  I wonder why.

Took her out to the garden before she left....gave her some beets, peppers and tomatoes.

After lunch I decided to do something about the glut of cucumbers and beets.

Gary got home from Jamestown with a couple of treats from the Swedish Bakery...Like this almond pastry.  So delicious.
Even tho I was still in nap mode, decided to go over to Apple Creek Farm and mow the lawn.  It has started to improve with the recent rain and cooler temperatures.
On the way home I stopped at Country Max to pick up more shavings...no sawdust available at this time.  These two sweet pups were in the truck parked next to me.  There are not too many Irish Wolfhounds around.
Gary helped me put the shavings in the stalls when I got back to the farm...then it was time to do chores.

Look at that Newbie!  Getting pretty comfortable and the dogs do not intimidate her.
Didn't really have dinner.  Went down to Jen's around 8pm.
The boys were finished with their flag football practice and it was time for Birthday Cake.

The neighbors stopped by and we all enjoyed the first of Finn's birthday celebrations.  His party will be held on Saturday at the Bowling Alley with 10 of his buddies.

8 years old!
Night all.


  1. you do SO much you should be exhausted!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. What a nice and busy day.
    Happy birthday to the boy ツ

  3. Surely a busy day with the camera and the rewards are quite beautiful.

  4. For being sleepy, you got an awful lot done.

  5. Happy Birthday to Finn! What it would be like to be 8 again...

  6. Oh my... the cake actually made my stomach hurt when I saw it...it looks so sweet! Hope he has a blast on Saturday bowling.

    Don't you just love Irish Wolfhounds? My husband has always wanted one, but besides being expensive with a possible short life span, they are a lot of work and we know our family is too busy to be suitable. Maybe he'll get his dream dog one day when our kids are grown.

  7. Your blog could be titled 'From chores to chores" ! I'd love to know what you did with those cucumbers. Have you already described that somewhere?

  8. Wow! That's quite a cake. He must like chocolate? :)

  9. Hi dear Lori
    My goodness you are a busy bee! I enjoyed your post but don't know which is my favorite photograph...love them all!
    I :)

  10. That cake is perfect for an 5 year old, or...me!

  11. Hope Finn had a great birthday - I enjoyed all the pics and especially loved seeing the art...


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