Friday, August 5, 2011


 Before I start on todays news, let me say that the Cape Codies landed in Brockport last night.
 Can you imagine going somewhere with these 8 kids?
 The four cousins (our grandchildren) were able to spend almost 5 weeks together this year.
 What a great time we had.

About today.
 I went out to the barn earlier than usual, which meant I was done by 8:30.
 Here's Masterpiece walking into the barn...his back end seemed to be working normally.

 Abbe had her mask off within 15 minutes.

 I found it way back in the pasture near the fence.
 Sidney followed me out.

 Once again I visited Jill's kitties.  Today Lily was Miss Photogenic.  They seem to be doing well and I can't wait until we can let them out of the tack room.

Mowed the lawn....
Got a haircut and went to Wegmans.
 Picked a lot of green things today....zucchini, cucumbers and peppers.

 When I whistled for the horses to come in, PC was dead last and dead off in his hind right....
It gives me the willies, as he is so old and gimpy to begin with.  I checked his hoof and soaked it in cold water...put him in front of the fan with some hay and have given him some bute.  Of course he kept calling to the horses who were out in the side pasture and managed to get out there with them.  I have a feeling he was down and had trouble getting up...maybe it's in his hip.  We shall see how he is in the morning.
 Sidney was on a mission all day...he was everywhere.
 The clouds were spectacular from sunrise to sunset.

 Back in the house for dinner.  Jenny joined us.
 some of that green stuff....
 veggie burgers with swiss cheese....
 mac salad....
cherry tomatoes from the garden...
 A real summer meal.
 Gary completed part two of his orchard today....one more section to go.

 Sid was looking for a bunny that ran under the deck.

 Gary and Jen observed PC trying to figure out what he did to himself.  Let's hope there is some improvement by morning.
About those barn clothes...I stayed in them ALL day.  Now it's finally time for a shower.
Night all.


  1. I hope PC is okay in the morning -

  2. I always seem to be reading your bog at dinner time and wish that I could reach into the screen and try your delicious looking meals. Hope the horsey gets better.

  3. Keep us updated on PC. Nothing better than staying in barn clothes all day, as far as I'm concerned.

  4. It's lovely that your 4 grandchildren got to spend so much time together. Hope PC's OK.


    Wonderful shots of your horse baeauties.....waoaw...all the green...; in Tuscany it's right now very yellow, dry and hhot!!!!

    What great dinner.....italian style...needless to say I love it and WHEN DO YOU START YOUR COOKBOOK, cara???????

    ciao ciao elvira

    (hehe...the little wild boar baby does NOT take the place of my new horsy...!!)

  6. Hope your honey's hind is OK in the AM. And as far as barn clothes... is there another kind? Oh, I forgot, I do have painting clothes. Seriously, as I slowly move things from old house to new, I keep looking at clothes trying to decide if I will ever wear them again. I have all of my business suits in a pile to give away - decided that was a no brainer!

  7. Best of luck with PC. I'll hold him in my thoughts.

    Those grandkids have had the best summer! Lucky duckies!


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