Monday, August 1, 2011


A beautiful sunrise....just could not sleep any longer.

 Nothing unusual about chores...
 Gary hooked up the trailer and made a few trips across the street to pick up more rocks for the path he has created in the garden.
 He has moved tons of stones and has one more path to go.  Pea gravel was put in the middle.
 Jill came up late morning and gave Belle a good grooming.  When I went to visit her kitties this morning, Newbie actually came up to me....first time.  She sure wants to go outside and wander.

At 12:30 we were picked up by our friends Mel and Helen.  What started out as a picnic on the canal ended up as lunch at the Crooked Door in Albion.

 We all enjoyed our sandwiches and the view of the canal.
 At 5 I attended a meeting about the Duck Derby.  It won't be long now.  On the way home at 7pm, the clouds were fabulous.

 Dinner at 8.  Just a salad topped with leftover chicken that Louise sent home with us last night....along with a piece of veggie lasagna.  Watched a French movie while we ate.
 Took the ponie's masks off when it got dark, but it was too nice out to put them in for the night.

 This Swedish flag hangs on Gary's farm wagon.  It was given to us by Harald...the Norwegian man we met down at the Welcome Center.  He had flags from many different countries, and flies them on his sailboat when he is near them.
Night all.


  1. Yes, the rhubarb in my garden is safe. And the pie was delich. Your sandwich looks yummy!

  2. Another lovely day in your area. that Belle is a darling.

  3. Gorgeous clouds!
    ..and once again I'm craving salad at 9 am!

  4. A restful day, bringing you peace.

  5. Tell Gary I know all about packing tons of rocks. Hard work, but the results are rewarding. I need to get packing myself. Moving the rocks aways from the pond to make a deck (next summer). Had hoped to move them before snow fall, but lacking the energy. Maybe Gary will get me motivated!


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