Wednesday, August 24, 2011


 Look familiar?
Abbe has been favoring her right hind so after chores this morning I brought her into the grooming room and soaked her foot in epsom salts.   Dried it off...put on a gauze pad with ichthamol, diaper, stocking and then duct tape.  When she walked back to the pasture her movement was much improved.  I think an abscess is in the making.  We shall see.
Lily enjoyed watching the whole process.

 Newbie can generally be found around Gary's porch.
 My friend Sally stopped up for some veggies.  I set her up with a basketful.

 In the meantime, Jill along with Ralph and his daughter Lauren wanted to go across the street to take a look at Harley and Dancer.  So all of us went over for a photo shoot.

 These two little sweethearts ate down their pasture in no time.

 When we got back, Jill thought it would be a good idea to put the top down on her car.
It goes right into her trunk...magic.  In the dark ages I had a 4 seater Thunderbird that did this, but it was a soft top.

Gary and Woody were painting...after I made us all a tomato and cheese panini I headed down to Jenny's to let the dogs out.  Ended up watching the food channel for an hour.  (We don't get it anymore and I really miss it).
 Buster and Ice were happy to get out and then spent some time with me.

 Picked up a few things at Weggies and decided to see if Finn and Coop wanted to come home with me an hour early.  Coop went for it...Finn stayed and got picked up by Gary later.
 A simple dinner, then Kelly and Jim stopped up.  She brought four books she would like to have autographed...more on that another time.
 Lily was snuggled up in a garden near the studio barn.  I have never seen her over there.
 Gary went over to work on a project in the studio.
 I went out to tuck the ponies in for the night.
 They were ready and waiting.
 I give them one flake of hay at night (grass all day).
 It's green and beautiful.
 No wonder they want to go in.

 For the heck of it I went in to the tack room.  Look who was there.  Second night in a row!  And Jill, check out that nose....looking much better.
 Queen Lily was on the porch in her throne....
 and Newbie was lounging.
All present and accounted for.
Night all.


  1. Hi Lori, I use a product called Sore No More - The Sauce on abcesses(I think you can get it at CountryMax). I make an old fashioned sugardine out of it. Just sugar and the sauce and put it on the hoof with a brush. Draws the abcess out and relieves the pain also. I have used ichthamol before but the sore no more seems quicker. I keep forgetting to send you this link for the natural beef, pork & chicken. I just took two friends out there and they are hooked. Here's the link: http://www.wilsonbeeffarms.com/
    Good stuff. I'm surprised that you didn't show pictures of what they did at Wegmans. I couldn't believe that they hacked down all those beautiful trees. I was so disgusted that I forgot to ask why they did it. We need to be PLANTING trees, not cutting them down. In my opinion, that's what is wrong with all this weather and global warming and all that. The trees are our wind barriers, make oxygen and keep things cool. Just my opinion. Anyhow, I love the pictures of Dancer & Harley and have to get over there to visit. Keep posting!!! :)

  2. Yup, they're hacking down the trees at Wegman's on this side of the city, too. There's a sign up that they are rootbound and need to be replaced. It's a pity, because I always loved those trees.

    I'm glad that everyone is now home and accounted for. That's a mighty good feeling.

  3. My Arab broodmare from a while back was named Abbe -- she was grey. Loved all the pics, reminded me of when the kids were growing up. Horses, ponies, colts, kitties, and dogs -- and it was a good feeling when everyone was tucked in :-)

  4. Full house at the Skoogs - full of people and animals and veggies. Guess you have to be part-vet, too. Love the pics, as usual.

  5. Your hay looks yummy. We just stopped at our usual supplier - he has no small bales. It seems that Texans are coming up here to buy up the small bales since there is very little there as a result of drought. Scary!

  6. I hope you've had an enjoyable day, and it was good to see that the elusive Sophie has made an appearance! I also hope that Abbe is better too!!


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