Saturday, July 2, 2011


 Good morning world!
 Barb, Jill and I all converged on the barn around 7:30.

 Belle survived her first night in her temporary stall next to Abbe.  She will move to Mustafa's when he leaves.  For now, she is in a separate run-in/pasture.  So far so good.  The horses are no longer hanging around her gate...
 It was a very discombobulated morning.  I helped Barb get her mats out of Mustafa's stall, which she scrubbed down on both sides.  They are far too heavy and both of our husbands hate to deal with them.

 While she did that, Jill and I moved several other mats into his stall so it will be nice for Belle.  We were doing some serious sweating and looked lovely.

Daniela and Ariana stayed overnight at Jen's last night so it was relatively quiet around here all day.  Gary went to do some painting and I went to Weggies for another load of groceries.
 During the afternoon (while it was nice and quiet) I watched a movie.
 Then it was chore time again.
Jill came to help and is learning the routine.
 This hydrangea bush outside the kitchen door is absolutely loaded with blossoms this year.

 Everywhere you look, there are daylilies.

 A neighbor stopped by to see if I wanted to buy a wagon load of hay.  Went and checked it out and said yes.  He and a friend delivered and stacked it while the seven of us had dinner.
 L'orange followed me up to the loft when I went out to pay for it.

 He seemed very interested.
 The late afternoon sun was coming through Berlin's door.  It was just about 90 today.  HOT.
 More daylilies.
 Dinner was simple.  Grilled burgers, corn on the cob and fruit salad.
 Finn was getting creative with the mustard.
 We got smart, and used paper plates.  Not used to having 7 for meals all the time.  Gary has been doing a heck of a lot of dishes.


 Jenny and all the kids went out to the barn when it was time to put the horses in.
 Finn just loves Mustafa.

 In by 9:15 and time for one game of Sequence.

 Jenny and Ariana were the winners.
I'm still very tired.
Night all.


  1. Heaven! (Well, except for messing with the stall mats!)
    Mmmm... I can almost taste the corn - my mouth is watering!

  2. Emily and I were going to play Sequence, but we decided we were too tired. Everyone is brushing teeth while I check your blog. Now I'm headed up. Those mats look like a lot of work!

  3. L'orange is "king of the mountain."

    Beautiful Daylilies...

    Feeding seven gives you a different view...especially in this economy. Thank goodness we have Wegmans.

    Hope you slept well!

  4. Great pictures. We are suddenly hungry
    Benny & Lily


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