Saturday, July 16, 2011


 Berlin was watching for me this morning.
 Abbe tried to help out in the feed room.
 The ponies came if from the pasture before I even finished cleaning the stalls.

 Everyday there are more and more beautiful flowers blooming.

 We don't have our lawn mower back yet!  The lawn is looking ugmo.

 Country Max was having their first anniversary sale today, so I went down to pick up some bargins.
 They had a team of Belgians there.

Home for lunch.  Lots of salads and sun tea.
 Jen brought the four kids up at 1:30 and we immediately got ready to go to the Spa.

 Daniela took a time out...didn't feel all the great.  (I think they all need some rest).
 They love DJ and stopped to see him on the way out.
 Pizza night.  Did not have to make anything but a salad.  I went out to do chores while Gary drove down to Ralph and Rosie's to pick it up.  In the meantime, Coop and Daniela took a nap.

Our friend Lizzie collects Noah's Arks and gave this one to us many years ago.

At 9 I went out to tuck the ponies in, and Gary was coming home with a dozen eggs from across the street.  How's that for variety?

 All the garlic has been pulled now.
 This photo is for Jill.  Belle is doing very well.
 Time to put my feet up.
night all....


  1. All that sunshine looks awesome. Wish we were having a heat wave. Nothing but cool and rainy here.

  2. Lovely pictures of beautiful grandchildren. Looks like they are having a wonderful month at Skoog Farm Camp!

  3. I am soooo jealous of that pool! My guppies and I would be swimming all day :)

    Your flowers are looking so pretty, Lori. What a wonderful variety you have!

    And the ponies look good, too! Belle is lovely!
    Hope you are having a nice Sunday!

  4. I hope you all do well with the heat wave...
    things are heating up here too.

    What a busy day you had!

  5. Looks like you're having a fun summer. The flowers and the children are beautiful. We're gearing up for a heat wave here too. I've gotten spoiled by the perfect weather that we've been having. Lucky you can hop in that pool when it gets too hot!


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