Friday, July 22, 2011


 Steph, Joe, Ariana and Daniela left at 7:15 to go to Niagara Falls for a ride on the Maid of the Mist.
I was on my own for chores.  Another uncomfortable day.  Why would the ponies want to stay out on the pasture?

 The house had still not cooled off and all I wanted to do was veg in front of a fan.  That came to a screeching halt as we had to be down at the college by 11:30 to attend the Brockport Campus School Reunion.  About a year ago, two women started working on a plan for this event.  Today nearly 400 people were in attendance.
 The institution of "Campus School" existed from 1867-1981.
 Today there were teachers, students and administrators from the past, along with the current college president and many staff members who gathered at the Seymour College Union.
 My pal Brenda was of the students.
 There were many displays, including this old 1967 yearbook
 I started teaching at this "Center for Innovation in Education" in 1966.  That's me....this was my first job.

 Above, is Jeanette D'Agostino Banker.  I have known her since I started teaching, and she is one of the women who spearheaded this reunion.  President John Halstead and his wife Kathy hosted a reception prior to the luncheon.  The place was packed.

 Her partner in planning, Fran Moroney Whited, was going through the buffet line.  These two women have had an enormous amount of experience and did an amazing job down to the finest detail.
 The food was delish.

 Gary helped with an open house sponsored by the Brockport Alumni Association from 3:30-5.
It was a very long....HOT day, but what a success.

I was home by 2:45 and attempted to spend as much time as possible in front of a fan.  Joe and I had time for some nice conversation, while Steph took the girls down to Jen's for a swim.

They got home around 6, then it was time to go back to the Stoneyard for Daniela's Birthday dinner.
She wanted her Mom and Dad to try the wings.  We had to wait an hour to get a table, as she did not want to go anywhere else.
 so we waited....
 and waited....

 waited some more......
 Steph ordered dinner so it would be ready by the time we got a table.  It worked out.

 You don't even want to know what we had for dinner....
 It was like a fantasy menu for holds barred.

 Daniela and Joe were winking at each other.
 The happy birthday girl did not want a cake....just ice cream cones from Jimmy Z's.

Gary and I went home as we were filled to capacity after that big ice cream for us!
When we got home it was still too hot to put the horses in, but I grabbed a few shots in the dark.

Has anyone experienced cool air yet?
Night all.


  1. Happy Birthday, a little late, Daniela!

    No cool weather yet. It was 76 on my outside thermometer when I got up at 6:30 this morning. I'm fried, and sick of being stuck in the house all day.

  2. "They" say the weather should be better over the weekend. My fingers are crossed!

    Goodness, B'day party and Campus School party...quite a day. Fun to see your first job picture...pretty girl.

  3. We have been in the grip of humid weather for 7 days. We have has dew points as high as 86 degrees. We caught a break on Thurs., but came right back to it yesterday. It sucks the air right out of my lungs.

    That said, it appears you know how to have fun, even if the heat is on!

  4. Happy birthday, Daniela! I like a girl that knows what she wants. Looks like the wait was well worth it.

    I've been seeing your weather on the news - hope you cool off soon. It's hot here too, but it probably doesn't compare to your heat.

  5. Happeee birthday, Daniela! Seeing the hot horses reminded me of a clip on tv yesterday--horses standing in the spray of a sprinkler. They looked happy.


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