Saturday, July 9, 2011


 Oh what a beautiful morning....
 Oh what a beautiful day.....
 Jill was here to help with chores and we put Belle out with the other horses.  Quite a bit better than yesterday.  We separated them again before we went over to Barb's (see post below).
 Your Grace, I want you to meet Jill....
 and don't forget to say hello to King Mustafa....
Jenny brought Ariana and Daniela up for a change of clothes and they were off to watch Kevin' s ball game (which got canceled when the other team did not have enough players).  Instead, we decided to meet at Tina and Roger's for some swimming.  Ooooolalaaaaaa.  They just had a new liner put in their pool and it was more than divine.  The water temperature was a mere 86.
 It was Finn's first day to go swimming and he was very reserved.  Smart move.
 Coop's swimming has improved a lot!

 Ariana and Daniela practiced diving off the board.
 Jenny went over to Byrne Dairy to pick them up some lunch.  They ate every bite.
 We were all in the water for about 2 hours.  It was heavenly.  Thank you Roger and Tina, for sharing this beautiful facility.

 Finn took a little break the last half hour.  Guess what he was doing????
 Daniela was doing the same thing.

 A garden of Eden...that Christina's World.

On the way home we went down Main Street and noticed a Chicken BBQ going on at Nativity Church.
 We could drive in and pick up our dinners.  Yes!
 When we got back to the farm we picked a few onions.  Earlier, Gary dug out some garlic.

 By then it was cooling off and the badmitten tourney began.
 First it was Ariana and Daniela.
 The cucumbers were watching.

Next came dinner.  It was outstanding.
 Did chores and put Belle with the others.  She kept her distance.
 and was comfortable enough to get in a big roll.

 Jill helped with chores so we moved through them very quickly.

 Belle was holding her own.
Gar and Ariana were in a contest that ended up at 46 to 44.  Winner....Ariana.
 These lilies were in bloom out by the Studio Barn, where Daniela was working on another story.
 I see writing in her future.
Here is her second story from the farm.

 We cleaned up the Studio and went into the house for some strawberry shortcake.
And tomorrow is another day.
Night all.


  1. have a good night! and i hope tomorrow is going to be as good of a day as you had today!

    Batmitten, haha!


  2. Those kids are having a wonderful summer!
    Glad Belle is adjusting so well.

  3. My heavens! Is that elephant garlic? It's HUGE!!

  4. Oh, that pool! It looks so inviting. It looks like you had the perfect summer day. I see you have Asiatic Lilies. Have you had any problems with those red Lily beetles? Keep an eye out because I have a friend in Henrietta whose lilies got riddled by them last year, so, they're here.

  5. Sounds like a perfect day to me. Pool is gorgeous!

  6. Wow, those are beautiful onions! I'll have to try those next year.


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