Friday, July 15, 2011


 Look at that shiny coat on Belle.  She has been here for two weeks and seems to agree with her new diet. 
 This morning I went out early....my help was sleeping in down at Jenny's.
 I was supposed to pick them up around 9 so we could catch the slow boat to China (see post below).
 Gary pulled a lot of garlic today.
 Did evening chores early as we were invited to Jen's for dinner.

 Picked a basket of veggies to take along.  Onions, garlic, dill, zucchini, and cucumbers.
 We ate well....a nice big salad with greens, onions (ours), Mandarin oranges and feta cheese.
 She actually bought me an old fashioned bottle of Coke.

 We ate out on the back deck....a beautiful evening, no bugs!
 Grilled chicken and Italian sausage....

 Pilaf and peas....yum.


When we left, Ariana was in a performance mood....ready for show biz.

Put the ponies in a little after 9.
 This is part of the garlic Gary harvested today.
 Pardon the orbs...Masterpiece was actually showing some interest in Belle tonight.

What a mellow evening.
No moon like the one that was out there 24 hours ago.
 Night all.

PS - I thought you might want to see Daniela's new look.


  1. Looks like everyone is enjoying being together. Very nice.

  2. I really like your new header photos. You do have the most beautiful grandchildren. I bet it's a real pleasure watching them grow up. As usual, the food made me drool.

  3. Your canal shots jogged the memory. Took a few trips along the Erie during my 4 years in the area,

  4. You salad is making me hungry! Great shots, as always, it's like we spend the day with you :)

  5. Your posts are always full of interesting tidbits, Lori. Wonderful photos and yummy dinner menu.

  6. Mm, mmm, love your garden harvest! I see you picked some cukes, too. And Belle does look sleeker . . .and the grandchildren always SO cute.

  7. I was looking at Belle's picture, thinking "what a shiny coat!", and then I scrolled down and read "Look at that shiny coat"!

  8. Dear Lori
    Oh how blessed you are to have fresh veggies from your own garden! It looks delicious!!! love the picture of Gary pulling garlic! It looks like you had a wonderful time and dinner at Jen's.

  9. What a great harvest from the garden. I'm just starting to get some cucumbers.


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