Saturday, April 23, 2011


It was a typical Saturday morning. 
Raining until 7:30.
 Muddy, grey
not a beautiful day.
 Who said the temperature was going to hit 70?

Barb helped with chores
we opened the doors.
Still too cold to take off the sheets.

Back in the house
L'orange Maralade was holding court.
 Hurried.  Took a shower.  Drove to the village.

Met Judy at A different Path Gallery at 11.
Checked out the studio space for rent.
Oreo was there today.  Kind of looks like Phoebe.

 Hey Al!  Thanks for the display rack.  Kathy has put it in a prominent place so you can see all my cards now.  The little clips are perfect.  Works like a lazy Susan.

 After a full tour of the shop and gallery, Judy and I went over to Java for lunch.
 I had the best sandwich in Brockport (according to my taste buds).  A Greek Panini.

Arrived at the college at 1pm for drumming.
 Jackie was giving me some attitude.
 We had a very long session today, drummed until 4:30.  Got to play my djembe and the sangba.
There's a lot to learn, but there could not be a better teacher.

I took a lot of videos so I could remember what we were being taught, but this was my favorite.
Khalid was going over the 3 bass parts, and wanted us to understand the sequence.  Clyde got up and demonstrated his dance interpretation.  Smooth......

Got home a little before 5 and had not started dinner yet.  First I went out to visit the horses.
 They were all filthy and loved being naked.

 The late afternoon was divine...and I spent most of it inside.  I'll bet it really did hit 70 degrees.

 What a difference from yesterday.
 Phoebe relaxed while I ran around trying to pull everything together.
 Tom arrived around 6.  Sure wish Deb was here with him!
 More comfort food.
 Meatloaf surrounded by egg noodles.
 Along with some toasted bread and green beans.
 The evening sky was beautious.
 So was the blossom on my Easter Lily.
 Night all.


  1. What a nice day you had - sounds like a good time. Your sandwich looks amazing.

  2. The horses look funny without blankets! ha ha. That panini looks delicious to me....

  3. Such a lovely Friday evening...delish dinner, great people/conversation, and sweet animals.

    So enjoyed squishing through the mud in Gary's boots, watching the ponies fed, and put to bed.

    Your new card display looks fine...clips work!

    A big "Thank you."


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