Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 Another gorgeous morning at Skoog Farm.
 Woke up to this.
 Poor visibility in all directions.
Rumor has it that we will be in the 70s today.  Should I believe it?

Last night we had record breaking rain.  Could it get any muddier?
After being grained, King Mustafa ignored the hay under the shed roof and headed straight to the back pasture.  I could hardly see him.
 While I was cleaning stalls and Masterpiece finished his breakfast, Abbe and Berlin refused to leave the barn (hoping to clean up after him....there was nothing left!)

 Finally, they were all out back.
 For some reason (good drainage) it stays very nice there...the highest spot.

 As you can see, there is another "pond" in the big pasture.  Pretty soon the geese will stop by.

 It's green around here alright.
 Wonder what sunshine looks like.
 More later....

Went to Weggies so I could get things like bread, OJ, cat food etc.
Home in time for lunch and my class.
I froze the ham bone (from our Easter dinner) and will use it for soup another time.  The rest of the sliced ham was made into ham salad.  Minced onion, relish, (I put the leftover ham slices in the food processor) and mayo.  Love this sandwich.  Put it on organic multi grain bread with some leaf lettuce. 
I knuckled under and bought some veggie chips.

Once again the ponies participated in the rain and roll program.  At least they knew enough to get inside.

You already know what's happening here....If it's Tuesday, Tina must have treats.
Mel finished his painting.  Much better...the strong lines in the snow have disappeared.
He, Tina and Donna have all started on new projects.

A little after 3 our farrier showed up to trim King Mustafa.  He stopped in the house for a cupa tea while he waited for Barb to arrive.

We had some good laughs.

John brought his dog, Duncan.  He will be three years old next month and has gone on calls since he was a puppy.

The sun finally came out at 3:30 and it warmed up to the low 60s.

Didn't last very long....

Barb had chore duty.

There is currently a weather advisory.  HEAVY rain, thunder, lightning and 60 mph winds are on the way.  Will finish this up later.

This evening looks just like this morning.  The storm advisory has been removed from our county.

We deserve some sunshine tomorrow.
Night all.


  1. A misty, moisty morning. . .hope the sun breaks through this week! I am headed back that way on Thursday.

  2. Nice picture of Seymour...hope he's looking for the geese and not the top of the barn!

  3. Mud...sigh...I am dealing with that here as well. I will be glad when it dries up a little. On a brighter note..with all of the rain; I have been finding some morel mushrooms. Hope you get some dry weather soon.

  4. I know it sounds crazy, but I love the fog. Your photos of it, the horses, and around the farm are great. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my! That's boot-sucking mud.

  6. Yes, you do deserve sunshine tomorrow! At least there is green in the pictures instead of the solid snow of a few months ago. Your ham sandwich looks yummy - I might have to make up some ham salad myself! I hadn't thought of using the food processor - excellent idea!

  7. The weather, the weather, the weather!!! It rained a ton here today, the temp is dropping like an anchor, the wind is whipping up and we are supposed to get snow tonight. Come on!

    Great photos! Very moody.

  8. Cool pics of the fog. Love seeing it on our farm in the mornings.

  9. Love your horses in the morning mist photos!
    Your farm looks beautiful in every type of weather.

  10. joyous visit!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




  11. Hey Lori! Love your pics, and your rhubarb! We have one little plant (that we just started last year) and it looks nothing like that... can't wait for ours to get big and luscious like yours!


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