Thursday, April 14, 2011


 It's back.
The kind of day that was energizing.
 Off with the sheets.

 Did my thing in the barn.
Then off to Wegmans for some groceries.

Lizzie and Fred arrived a little before 12:30.  After a nice leisurely lunch we went down to the village to see what we could see.  Our last stop was at A Different Path Gallery.  I thought Lizzie would like it.
 Kathy had planted all the window boxes.
This was on a table next to an installation.
What a great idea.
Everything was there, we just had to follow the directions.

Lizzie tied hers to the branch....
 and took another one off....I did too.

 The orchids were still full of blossoms.
Lizzie is a vegetarian, so dinner was made accordingly.
 A big salad....
 added mushrooms and a little wine to our homemade sauce.
Held off on dessert...had to do chores.
 Fred enjoyed his meal too.

7pm and the moon was out while the sun was starting to go down.
 The inside of the barn was glowing.
 Grained the ponies....had set up water and hay this morning.

 The sunset was as beautiful as the sunrise.

Then it was time for dessert ala Idol.  Razzelberry Pie!  Big yum!
Night all.


  1. Yum! The sunset was delicious too.

  2. busy day for you!!! yumbo, raspberry pie and i am trying to lose weight. i think i just gained a pound looking at it. need to work on my window box! having a giveaway if you want to visit. happy spring!

  3. I'm thinking you got a new camera! All your photos just pop! Fantastic!
    Abbey in the header is adorable!

    Okay...how about I send you some ocean, and lake and pond waters...for trade for SOME OF THAT SUNSHINE!
    Enjoy it for me too!
    That pie did look heavenly scrumptious as well ~

  4. ....Everything sunny....not only the sun in the sky; the light and beauty of you day; really a gorgeous..."full of beauty day" rolling happy horse....friend, orchids, the original" take and give a thought " in the Gallery....glowing sunset.... ( oh, who is Fred...? Is he yours or a guest? )

    FABULOUS pics of your SUNNYHAPPYDAY, Lori !!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  5. Hi Lori! Loved the cards! So glad you are enjoying warmer weather,loved the sunset pics!

  6. One would think Fred and Seymour are good friends!

    Beautiful pictures... I enjoy seeing the day/skies from your vantage point...just down the road.

    Enjoy the big evening coming up!

  7. Oh how wonderful that you have sunshine on your beautiful farm. I love the horse rolling around in the field (paddock?) and I love the idea of a positive word in the gift shop. Have a great weekend, Lori. Jo

  8. Wow! Fab-u-lous photos from start to finish!

  9. Razzleberry pie! Yum. As always I've enjoyed my visit :-).

  10. Your orchids are gorgeous! Fred is cute! Neat idea with the card tree! That would make a fun thing to do for a party.


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