Saturday, April 16, 2011


Skoog Farm Recipe for
Pea Soup with Ham

Dice onions, celery and carrots.

Add chicken stock and dried peas.
Simmer until peas are soft.

In the meantime.....
Dice some ham and an onion.

Saute until onion is translucent.

Add to soup.
Salt and pepper to taste....

When the peas are done, the soup has thickened and is ready to be eaten.  The whole process should take about 2 hours.  Serve with a salad and crusty bread.

Frequently I make bean salad and toss it into my regular salads.  Full flavor!

or, you could have a salad with apples, pears, craisins, walnuts, crumbly blue and a good Italian Dressing.  Poppy Seed would work too.

How about some homemade pizza?  I buy the dough at Wegmans and do the rest from scratch.  The key is to let the dough get to room temperature.  When it has risen, it spreads more easily.

Leftover turkey?  Make turkey salad.
First I put the turkey in a food processor...not too fine.  Then I add onion, apple and grapes.  Finish with mayo and top with some homemade cranberry sauce.

Egg salad?  Eggs, onion, green olives, celery salt, salt, pepper and some mustard.  We serve it on oatnut bread with leaf lettuce.

We never get sick of pasta.  Each summer we make sauce from our garden and freeze it.
Tomatoes, onions, peppers, carrots, garlic.  Salt, pepper and a little sugar.
Basil...parsley...whatever.  Our sauce is light.  Not cooked until it is thick.

I could go on and on, but I have to leave for drumming.  Maybe more when I get home.

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  1. I just had lunch and I'm still hungry--Your post today isn't helping! I think to satisfy that hunger-pang, I need to go to Wegmans!! :-) Enjoy your day!!

  2. Triple yummmmmmm. Thanks for posting these.

  3. pea soup is one of my favourite meals,your is a bit different then mine, I must try your way.

  4. Your salads always look so good.

  5. that pea soup recipe is almost exactly like the one my friend sister laurel used to make in the convent. it's truly a superb meal!!

    btw, our friend seems to have arrived back home to Africa in good spirits! hope she can keep on letting things be as they are....m.e.

  6. Of course (like always) I love what you are cooking!

  7. Great big YUM!!! I make tomato sauce from my garden tomatoes as well. This year we are planting spaghetti squash to use in place of pasta. I'm trying to cut the carbs. :)

  8. Wow! All looks so good and I love the photos, they are all so very colorful and isn't that what we like of our food.

  9. OMG -- it's almost bed time and suddenly I'm hungry -- delectable shots!!

  10. Mmmmm....looks tasty! I love pea and ham soup!


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